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Why your enterprise need Advanced Penetration Testing 

Nowadays, security breaches are spreading like wildfire as malicious hackers actively evolve into new and sophisticated forms of attacks. The default security mechanisms such as having an antivirus program, or a firewall aren’t good enough to withstand these attacks. Hence, businesses will require resorting to more secure testing mechanisms.

Routing a vulnerability and exploiting its potential path is significant to determine the harm and actively shielding it. That’s the role of Advanced Penetration Testing service, where enterprises could clearly analyse the strength and weaknesses of their company’s cyber defence. Also, while considering enterprise investments in security, it’s apparent to rectify whether those implemented controls actually work or not.

What exactly does an advanced penetration test mean to enterprises?

An advanced pen test points to a simulated cyber security testing mechanism, exploring, and detecting exploitable system vulnerabilities. It helps in discovering real-time vulnerabilities and, at the same time, accesses network strength. As a result, enterprises can understand the true strength of their deployed controls and security defence mechanisms.

Ideally, the testing process uses techniques like impersonating as a malicious user and attempting to breach a part or complete system. The testing process may include identification of open ports, simulated phishing attacks, adware installs, alteration of data, penetrating backdoors and many more.

Indeed, advanced web application penetration testing & advanced network penetration testing provide deep insights into a company’s existing defence and security connected to networks/applications.

How often do you require to Penetration Test?

Conducting periodic pen testing is always a worthy decision to search and wipe out related security loads. Enterprises must at least go for advanced penetration testing on an annual basis. You can connect the engagement process whenever: –

* Upgrades to infrastructure, network or application occur
* Significant security patches are applied
* New office locations are added or expanded
* Launching new digital services such as cloud or website

Top reasons why your business require Advanced Penetration Test

Beyond just vulnerability scans or security compliance audits, advanced pen tests bring more into the space. It aids enterprises in effectively identifying real-world attacks and actively testing the security controls. Attackers may evolve and use sophisticated attacks against any weak spots that surface their expertise.

1. Search and identify hidden vulnerabilities before attackers do

How can an enterprise security level be determined? Simply, by understanding the ways through which your enterprise security falls. Penetration testing is the most adopted mechanism that displays the current security levels of an enterprise. It helps you safely test and identify your system capability to shield upcoming threats. Likewise, the testing process exploits vulnerabilities caused by code faults, bugs, insecure settings, configurational errors, and weaknesses.

The main motive behind an advanced pen testing engagement is identifying the depth or potential harm of a real-world hacking attempt. The process takes place such that the target entity can specify the time and scope of the test. Also, the advanced penetration testing red team informs active exploitation of entity infrastructure before the testing engagement. These efforts finally fruit the positive uncovering of security loopholes and other potential vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure that might otherwise go hidden for a normal security eye.

2. Control remediation costs and lessen network down-time

Imagine what a breach can cause as aftermaths. When falling prey to sophisticated cyberattacks, enterprises require spending lumpsum amounts for recovery processes. Also, a data breach can induce regulatory fines and loss of business operability on the flip side. Alarmingly, the average data breach cost (for the year 2021) shot up to $4.24 million. Thus, getting everything back on track would be a far-destiny and time-consuming process while you have experienced the breach.

Here is where advanced penetration testing services bring their vitality into consideration. By the engagement, enterprises can spot their biggest areas of IT system weaknesses. It also helps shield your business from additional financial burdens or reputational losses. Periodic penetration testing is the best way to tackle security conditions that arise during different phases of business continuity. It can have benefits in the aftermath by lowering remediation costs and at the same time helping you with higher network uptime during security hurdles.

3. Keep compliance with various security regulations

Without a doubt, advanced penetration testing services enable better protection for enterprise assets against potential attackers. But the benefits of the service engagement stretch beyond just data and enterprise network security. Penetration tests are a vital part while considering the requirements of security regulations. Having your enterprise subject to regular pen tests can ease-out the compliance process. Major security regulations like HIPAA, ISO 27001 and PCI call the requirement of adequate penetration testing to figure out security issues.

While considering the Payment Card Industry, PCI DSS requires its connected enterprises to conduct regular penetration testing amidst any system changes. These enterprises handle large chunks of data, and the requirement is of the peak value. Therefore, effective compliance is the only solution, and pen test is an active testing element that contributes to the need. Moreover, the delivered pen test reports can aid enterprises to enhance their security controls, indicating the required diligence to security accessors.

4. Scale the potential damage and capacity of network defence

A successful attack on enterprise systems can have various consequences such as;

  • Loss of critical business data and backups
  • The downfall of brand image
  • Operational disruptions
  • Loss of business assets or infrastructure

Cyber-attack costs connected to potential damages keeps rising to the latest second. Exploring and identifying these impacts before they converge enable organizations to take effective steps to mitigate them. Also, these insights help connect faster plans during the disaster recovery phase.

Also, to note, the average time to spot a data breach is touching the 200-day mark to the latest figures. More the time the host goes controlled by the intruders, proportional goes the security impact it can raise. With advanced penetration testing, enterprises can test the effectiveness of defence mechanisms in place. Moreover, it is a way of identifying whether your intrusion detection programs and policies work upright.

5. Improve organizational fame and customer trust 

Security incidents pose a serious threat to the fame and reputation of an enterprise. The very scenario also results in the loss of trusted customers on the other end. Penetration testing is a way of detecting these unknown threat vectors before reaching an attacker’s eye. It helps enterprises avoid costly breaches and, at the same time, keep the fame and customer trust at stake. Advanced pen testing in conjunction with vulnerability scans could be an effective solution, detecting potential breach points in enterprise infrastructure.

By gaining deep insights into an enterprise security posture, you can determine how existing security architecture respond to a real-time incident. Advanced penetration testing services prove an initial requirement while prioritizing security investments, tackling control effectiveness, and enabling ideal defensive approaches. With this, organizations could build their security profile, escalate customer trust, and improve the brand image to a more elevated level.

Wrapping Up

Cyber security services are becoming a top requirement for businesses looking for cyber readiness and protection. While partnering and probing vendor support, an advanced penetration test is one key factor determining the healthy state of your business. Unlike various other vulnerability detection approaches, pen-testing utilises the same methodology that a real-time criminal uses while penetrating security and defence. It is an ongoing requirement, and one must understand the criticality that a breach can impose on any business operation. Also, keep in mind that it is vital to reach out to the right service offering at the right time when security is the top-most concern.



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