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Importance of ADHICS Compliance for Hospitals

The healthcare industries are rapidly adopting new technologies to advance the delivery of healthcare services. Most hospitals have specialized hospital management systems or Electronic Health Records with all the patient information stored in a digitized format for easy access. Given the sensitive nature of the information, it is imperative to maintain a robust and reliable information security posture to prevent data breaches.

The severe consequences of healthcare breaches for both the healthcare provider and patient have made the government come up with a set of rules and regulations to predict and prevent any attacks launched by hackers.

What is ADHICS?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health (“DoH”), being the regulator of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, had released the ADHICS Standards to improve the privacy and security of health information. ADHICS standard intends to enhance healthcare cybersecurity in the UAE to the next levels by meeting international healthcare cybersecurity and privacy practices. ADHICS also helps the healthcare sector meet compliance with UAE Information assurance regulations.

Benefits of ADHICS Implementation in the Healthcare sector

  • Enhance the protection of the Health Information
  • Compliance with the Information Assurance Regulation
  • Increase customer trust towards the healthcare service provider
  • Protect the reputation and goodwill of the healthcare service provider
  • Ensure business continuity of health care services
  • Meet and be in compliance with the Department of Health requirement
  • Improve the security posture of the organization


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