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How to Stay Safe on Social Media

Social Media has become a crucial part of everyday life by connecting people and developing relationships. It has also become a much-needed platform for digitally advertising brands and products to reach a larger audience.


What is a Social Media?

Social Media is an interactive platform where users can share/exchange information and ideas. The most widely used Social Media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Importance of Social Media Security

Social Media has recently become the primary source for advertising and marketing a brand or product, in order to reach the target audience affordably. The security of social media account is critical as any compromise of a social media account can tarnish the reputation of the organization or an individual. Phishing attacks are also on the rise, where a hacker sends a link or message to your contacts/customers and lures them into entering their sensitive credential information.


Social Media Security Tips

  1. Use strong password and authentication

Avoid using weak passwords and ensure that you change the password regularly. Use strong passwords that include alphanumeric and special characters.

  1. Use different passwords for different platforms

If you are handling different social media platforms, be sure not to use the same password for all the accounts.

  1. Do not click links that look suspicious

As there are so many phishing scams in social media, confirm the legitimacy of the links and messages you receive.

  1. Be familiar with the social media privacy policies

Social media companies update their privacy policies regularly. So be familiar with the policies to customize your privacy settings.

  1. Protect computer/mobile device by installing an antivirus software

Antivirus software helps to detect and prevent various threats like malware, viruses and other malicious programs. Installing antivirus software will safeguard the devices.

  1. Train your staff on social media security issues

Take time to educate your employees on social media security issues, so that they can better manage social media safely.

  1. Create Social Media Policy for the company

Develop a social medial policy for employees which includes the details of responsible usage of social media.

  1. Limit access to social media accounts

Restricting the corporate social media account to very few users will ensure better control over these social accounts. Maintaining a responsibility matrix to include the social media account access will also be a good start.

  1. Be wary of what you post

Make the employees aware that they are not supposed to post any sensitive or confidential information about the company on social media.

  1. Regularly check for new social media issues

Keep yourself and employees updated on the new social media issues, so as to identify them.


Although social media interactions appear harmless, there are still chances of stalking, hacking and identity theft. Hence, it is imperative to understand what to share, how much to share and with whom to share.