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Mobile Application Security & Risk Analysis

Mobile applications are increasing in numbers every day. Today more mobile phones / tablets accesses web applications than PCs. Increase in mobile applications means, application vulnerabilities and thus security incidents.

Many mobile applications we have assessed recently indicate the need for continuous security assessment of mobile applications. Mobile Application vulnerabilities often lead to customer privacy violations and/or data lose. Considering this, it is important to perform a holistic security review as part of your mobile application deployment strategy.

ValueMentor Consulting offers a detailed security analysis of your mobile application as part of our Mobile application security assessment service. Our testing methods use both automated testing as well as manual testing. Our “automated tests” detects many of the common vulnerabilities of your mobile application. However, manual testing by our security experts uncovers much more issues than the automated tests.

Our Mobile Application Security methodology is based on the OWASP Mobile Security project and performs tests both client application as well as the server side.