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Web applications play a key role in today’s business and connect organizations with its customers, partners and suppliers. For most organizations, web applications connect to most critical information assets within in the organizations. This makes web applications as the most attractive target for hackers and statistics shows that weak web applications are responsible for a majority of reported security breaches.

ValueMentor’s Application Security Assessment Service is focused on providing you the information required so that you can ensure the security of your web applications and critical information.

Our security analysts assess your applications using the OWASP guidelines and goes beyond the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in our testing. A key deliverable of our service is the actionable report which not only represents the current state of your application but also the recommendations on fixing the security issues identified.

Our web application assessments are designed to review all types of web server, ranging from WordPress sites through to online banking environments or even control systems for critical national infrastructure.It helps to improve data and network security by assessing your application vulnerability.

All of our testing is inline with OWASP recommendations and our security consultants ensure your web applications meet and exceed the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten recommendations for web application security.

Our approach to application security assessment is based on identifying any vulnerabilities which could affect its ability to protect the information owned and operated by it and recommend the improvement opportunities to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information assets.

The risks discovered are classified as High, Medium or Low based on two parameters: impact of the risk, complexity of the attack required to carry out the exploit.Each of the above two parameters are rated on a scale of Low to High, and the final risk rating is derived from these ratings.

Web application vulnerabilities are exploited to penetrate in a controlled non‐destructive method. Our testing process includes activities such as Password attacks, Application level DoS attacks, Application client tests such as browser vulnerabilities and application impact as well as OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Our tests and assessment criteria check for an exhaustive set of security vulnerabilities and threats.We make use of penetration testing tools like IBM Security AppScan,Accunetix Vulnerability Scanner,Nessus etc depending on the objectives of the security assessment.

During our high-level testing process, we utilize the automated vulnerability scanners to detect and verify the known vulnerabilities.The results of the vulnerability scanning are manually verified to ensure that all false positives are eliminated.

Accuracy of test result is a salient feature of our offering. Our findings and recommendations are more accurate than just automated tools as our testing is done by security experts, who validate every finding that goes into the report. Executive and technical summary with detailed technical findings and remedial actions are delivered to the client at the end of testing process.

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