Wireless Security Assessment Service

A wireless network offers a convenient way for your employees and partners to connect to the network. An insecure wireless network will enable an attacker to easily access your networks.

The use of weak wireless protocols, configuration mistakes and lack of segmentation with in wireless network environment can significantly increase the risk to your organizations network.

Once an attacker has internal, wireless access they are often “behind” corporate perimeter firewalls with nothing to stand between them and your internal network resources such as databases, active directory servers, etc. Wireless coverage often extends far past physical building walls and into adjacent parking lots and other public areas allowing would-be attackers to gain wired equivalent network access without necessarily being onsite.

A wireless security assessment from ValueMentor will validate your wireless security controls, letting you know to what degree your wireless networks are susceptible to attack. Along with any findings you will be provided with technical, process, and people-oriented remediation advice.