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Trickbot Malware releases its updated version to dodge detection

The authors of Trickbot, a malicious trojan are endlessly releasing new versions to boost the malware capabilities and making it available to cyber criminals. The latest news says that the malware has now released its 100th updated version with new ways of transmission, which makes them even harder to detect.

Trickbot was first found in 2016 as a banking trojan, that was used to steal the banking credentials of users. Over the years, it has evolved as the smartest and easiest way for hackers not only as an information stealer but also as a gateway to enter infected networks. Also, the malware can be customized depending upon the version, making it more popular among cyber criminals.


How does it enter?

Trickbot enters your network often disguised as legitimate software or downloads. It uses campaign e-mails, embedded URLs, fake advertisements, etc. to lure the targeted victims into clicking the content. Once activated, it enables hackers to spy on your network and steal sensitive information. It can also disrupt the performance of the network by deleting, modifying, copying or blocking data.


How to Defend?

Unfortunately, the ever-evolving updates of Trickbot are making it stronger day by day making it a profitable tool for hackers. The three important steps in prevention include,

  • Educate: Educate your employees on cyber security.
  • Update: Update your security posture regularly.
  • Monitor: Monitor your network for suspicious activities.


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