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What is a Virtual CISO? Does vCISO services worth it in 2022?

The latest surveys and security stats show that businesses face difficulties coping with the rising security concerns without a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO. Also, maintaining an upright information security posture becomes a mighty ask for enterprises. So, what does a CISO role or function mean to your business?

What is a CISO?

Chief Information Security Officer or CISO is a leadership role in an organization charged with cultivating its overall cyber security strategy. The CISO role ensures that the organization have adequate security policies and controls in place, including developing awareness and creating contingency plans at the time of security incidents.

In contrast to a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), CISO reflects some key differences. One big difference is that while a CISSP focuses on providing advice on executing security strategies, a CISO helps develop the overall cybersecurity strategy. However, the CISO role is not a viable option for many enterprises and let’s see what these are.

Challenges of finding a CISO for your business

In large-scale companies having the resource power, the CISO role points to a senior-level executive within the company. However, many companies face a shortage of skills to place a professional of that calibre. Likewise, acquiring such a role requires resources at hand to search, recruit, and train the professional. So, here are the challenges of hiring a CISO role internally in an organization: –

  • Qualified CISOs are hard to find

One big challenge of hiring an in-house CISO points to the unavailability of professionals having both business and technical skills. Typically, CISOs need to perform a double role of optimizing cyber security and business process parallelly. And organizations fail to find the right professional to deliver both.

  • Qualified CISOs require a high wage

Another challenge in finding a dedicated CISO role is they are few in number. And to hire a qualified security specialist of that calibre and professionalism, you need to pay a higher wage or remuneration. Depending on the area of your business function and industry, hiring salaries can shoot up without a doubt.

So how can companies circumvent the situational challenges of a CISO position? In fact, that is where an affordable, extendable, and professional service line of vCISO solutions from a trusted security partner seems a clever and worthy solution. So, let us navigate through the line of service next.

What are vCISO’s/Virtual CISO services?

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) or a CISO-as-a-service refers to an outsourced or an on-demand security practitioner. The specific service means a single security individual or a team of cyber security experts working remotely and providing the security essentials for your business. One major consideration in contrast to a dedicated CISO role is that vCISOs perform most of the CISO functions at an affordable price label.

The process can also be scaled up or scaled down, depending on various security essentials of an organization. It simply means that companies could hire them for a specific period or opt for a particular project. The service line connects you to a hybrid world of CISSP and the CISO parallelly. Based on the needs of your business, a virtual CISO consulting service performs all or some of the following duties: –

  • Assess the ability of organizations to detect, mitigate and prevent security issues
  • Design and implement security strategies, policies and procedures aligned to business goals.
  • Create an ideal and secure IT environment to perform regulatory audits.
  •  Provide advice and guidance for security risk assessments.
  • Improve existing security-related policies, procedures, and strategies.
  • Provide awareness and security training for existing staff.
  • Provide actionable support during a security crisis or during a cyber incident.
  • Perform comprehensive security-related functions.
  • Help evaluate security vendors or existing partners.
  • Improve the overall cyber security posture of an organization.

However, organizations are still on the worrying edge as they want a mix of analytical, communicational, and critical thinking involved within the solution. That is where the question arrives, do Virtual CISO consulting services worth it at the present tick of the clock? To get a clear picture of the frame, let’s deep dive into what benefits the specific service grabs over CISOs or CISSPs.

Does it worth engaging with vCISO solutions in 2022?

  • Your perfect gateway to a team of experts

Even while considering the availability of the best CISO role for your organization, they are still a ‘one-man’ army. But that is not the case in a vCISO service offering. Your organization would get access to a team of experts with different specializations with a broad range of experience under their belt. While handling cyber security requirements and immediate responses against potential security incidents, vCISO goes a better option.

  • Affordable line of service than an internal hire

vCISO service offerings are indeed beneficial for organizations having fewer resources at hand for an internal hire. For an in-house CISO position, you will need to pay for recruitment efforts, training, wages, insurance, and other benefits. Likewise, CISOs are also high in demand and value. Outsourcing the role to a vCISO service will help you manage costs, keeping them low while still affirming the quality of experienced professionals.

  • Swift service line than in-house experts

As CISOs are tough to find, many companies still go with zero leadership capability for their cyber security programs. And the hard fact is that the attackers won’t wait any further if there is a slight gap in your security strategy. But with a vCISO hire, you get immediate and instant access to a team of professionals that will help minimize cyber security impacts and make you breach-ready. With the service offering, organizations can develop proper security strategies, review policies and procedures, connect swift incident response plans, run rapid penetration tests, and help with critical feedback on security flaws.

  • Deep knowledge of the latest security matters

In the evolving threat landscape, attacks are getting more sophisticated and complex. Automatically, companies must expect more unfamiliar conditions of attacks. In that case, it is always hard for a single professional to keep track and prepare for the latest trends of intrusions. Having the availability and expertise of a dedicated team of security professionals by your side is always worth it. Their deep knowledge in diverse industry verticals and the garnered experience will help you discover newer attack ways, patterns, and techniques.

  • Sharp monitoring of your business security needs

Yes, in the final point of the vCISO trend over a CISO, they can spend more time monitoring your organization with a team of security-bounded eyes. That doesn’t come up with a typical CISO role as you find irregularities in the time of work, multiple duty allocations and many more. A vCISO can provide detailed information on your current security posture and help identify weaknesses and flaws within no time. Imagine where your security program gets continually observed under more security eyes. That is invaluable for a company to catch the defects that might otherwise go lurked or not be detected.

Looking for a vCISO service? ValueMentor is within your reach!

Now, we know what a vCISO solution for your business would mean in terms of security. ValueMentor is a trusted Virtual CISO Consulting Company with a global presence and industry-wide experience. When it comes to optimizing cybersecurity and transforming cyber strategies, working with our vCISO program shoots a worthy option engaged by top organizations. Having the service line bonded to your organization demonstrates that you have

taken adequate consideration about security, enhancing your overall cyber security profile in the industry.

To know more about our vCISO program, contact our cyber security experts to discuss in detail.


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