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What is Beyond Trust Password Safe & Privileged Remote Access?

The Password Safe is a Beyond Trust password manager software for enterprises that helps with real-time monitoring, session management and credential management. The solution uses advanced auditing and forensic techniques to ensure control over all privileged accounts across your organization. It can fine-tune automated control to manage passwords and privileges.

On the other hand, Privileged Remote Access (PRA) from Beyond Trust helps audit all your employee privileges and third-party vendor remote accesses. The solution deploys appropriate privilege levels for all user roles in your enterprise network. It can help you deploy a zero-trust strategy to all system access controls.

So, here we unfold the latest case study of the Beyond Trust deployment Project completed by ValueMentor for a well-known Insurance company.

Client In need of Beyond Trust deployment

The client is a leading composite insurance company in the Gulf region who are the experts in underwriting and claims. Their diverse portfolio ranges from various insurance products to solutions for corporates and individuals.

Engagement requirement

The client requisites for the engagement were to: –

  • Deploy Beyond Trust Password Safe Solution
  • Deploy Beyond Trust Privileged Remote Access Solution

Activities performed

  1. Data gathering workshops
  2. Beyond Trust Password Safe Tier 3 Implementation
  3. Password Safe Asset onboarding
  4. Beyond Trust Privileged Remote Access Tier 2 Implementation
  5. Privileged Remote Access Asset onboarding
  6. Documentation & knowledge transfer

Approach involved


  • Defined scope and objectives
  • Prepared solution document or solution infrastructure setup


  • Conducted solution validation workshops to determine configuration values
  • Identified organizational needs and validated inventory


  • Build and conduct end-to-end testing’s
  • Confirmed delivery team preparedness


  • Executed the cutover plans
  • Deployed & confirmed product support process

Milestones Completed

  • Installed and configured Beyond Trust Appliance and Password Safe Components for credential management, automated password and session management
  • Provided knowledge base for daily maintenance of Password Safe
  • Manually deployed access consoles and advisory for mass deployment as a part of the PRA solution
  • Manually deployed endpoints and advisory for mass deployment as a part of the PRA solution

Final Thoughts

With Beyond Trust Password Safe deployment, the client was able to establish a unified privileged session and password management that includes secure identification, management, auditing, and monitoring for all privileged accounts. The product solution provided full control over privileged accounts. Also, the PRA solution helped the client with improved visibility and control across internal remote access, third-party vendor access and other vital assets with zero compromises to security.



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