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Data Privacy Assessment Project for a Global Distributor Group in UAE

  • The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a European Union legal decree ensuring the protection of EU citizens regarding the processing and movement of personal data.
  • Both legal persons and natural persons, including organizations & government entities, that are involved in the processing come behind the mandatory bar.
  • The law states that if an organization communes to the processing of EU citizen data and even if it lies outside the EU boundary, they should be compliant.
  • Any non-conformity to the provisions can warrant substantial fines with court proceedings and reputation damage on the outer end.
  • GDPR is a global protector law, and every individual, public authority, and organization is equally impacted. Hence, entities need to be aware of the complexities, compliance procedures and regulatory requirements.

Performing a data privacy assessment comes as a vital step toward effective GDPR compliance. The following is a case study on the data privacy assessment project (in line with GDPR compliance requirements) carried out by ValueMentor (GDPR compliance Consultancy) for a global distributor group in the UAE.

About the client

The client is the exclusive distributor of a wide variety of top brands in the UAE and the Middle East. The group focuses on multiple sectors like construction, engineering, etc., and showcases a diverse portfolio of the finest brands. As the group drives sustainable business models toward national development and the welfare of its citizens, they always believe in the core protection of user data from all operating corners.

Activities performed

The client requirement for the engagement was to: –

– Carry out data privacy compliance assessment in line with GDPR Regulation.

Challenges Entangled

  • One major challenge involved in the engagement was to align multiple views that resulted in a difference of opinion within various tiers of management. Here, our team proposed initial consultation with the top-tier management, aligning their goals and objectives.
  • Likewise, there was a lack of business understanding of data privacy-related risks. To alleviate the concern, our consultants took a separate session detailing the root factors and business impact of privacy-related risks.
  • Another challenge that stood on the path was performing a customized compliance approach within a controlled timeline. Our team was always ready for the plan, transforming the standard deliverables into customized ones within the timelines.

Involved Process

  1. Identified the need, scope, and activity timelines as a part of the project initiation.
  2. Gained information about key stakeholders of personal data & systems in the IT/ Business Dept.
  3. Performed Privacy Readiness Assessments following GDPR and ISO 27701 requirements.
  4. Created compliance roadmap aligned with the identified gaps and recommendations against EU General Data Protection Regulation and ISO 27701 Data privacy framework.
  5. Identified needed Data Protection Controls alongside implementation advisory for Privacy/Security Controls.
  6. Documented Policies, Procedures, and Forms based on GDPR and ISO 27701 standard.


Through various phases of the engagement, we were able to deliver: –

  • Inventory of PII Data processing activities, Data Flow process mapping diagram (DFD).
  • Privacy Readiness Assessment Report.
  • Privacy Risk/Impact Register (DPIA).
  • Roadmap in line with GDPR compliance requirements.
  • Record of Processing Activities (ROPA).
  • Privacy risk treatment plan /recommendations.
  • Set of Policies and Procedures.


Our team successfully completed the privacy assessment engagement to achieve GDPR compliance requirements. All client requirements were satisfied within the estimated timelines. The recommendations from the readiness assessment report were the inputs for the execution phase.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of the GDPR is hovered to reshape the business values related to data privacy and protection. The consequences of non-compliance can warrant substantial fines, bedding businesses under the fall. While having data privacy requirements pulled under the belt, organizations will have greater visibility of customer data. Here are some of the business benefits of GDPR compliance: –

  • Easier business process automation
  • Improved trust and credibility
  • More understanding of piled data
  • Enhanced data management & control
  • Improved brand reputation & market advantage
  • Enhanced organizational privacy hygiene

Our consultants are highly proficient and well-versed in data privacy compliance and the GDPR. To know more about our assessment process and other industry-specific regulations and compliance programs, reach out to us now!




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