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Infrastructure and Application VAPT Project for a Logistics Solution Company

Brushing the Term – VAPT

Cybercriminals use modern tools, tactics, and procedures to breach enterprise infrastructure and applications. They are constantly evolving with time and hence enterprises need to test their security posture on a periodic basis. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is an assessment approach steered by security experts on your applications or infrastructure to determine potential vulnerabilities that attackers might exploit.

VAPT capabilities let you manage a prioritized list of identified vulnerabilities in your applications or websites and comprehend how to fix them. The process helps ensure enterprises stay one step ahead of possible attackers. And what adjoins the discovery process is the actionable recommendations to ensure complete remediation.

So, here is a case study rounding VAPT project for a logistics solutions company performed by ValueMentor.

About the Client

The client is a leading smart logistic solution provider firm that helps businesses facilitate global trade. Journeying the digital transformation period with an exceptional reputation for delivering first-class industry solutions, assuring security to their infrastructure and application mark a top priority.

Activities Performed

  • Web Application VAPT
  • Mobile Application VAPT
  • External Infrastructure VAPT

Challenge Entangled

  • Conducted VAPT activities in the production environment with precautions.
  • Enumerated the targets for the PT activities where data for defined targets was not pre-provided.

Strategy Used

  • Allotted 4-teams to perform activities in parallel that delivered a quality report within a shorter span.
  • Used security testing Standards include PTES, OWASP Security testing, NIST, and OSSTMM security guidelines.
  • Identified vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and applications and prepared an action plan to mitigate them.
  • Custom designed security roadmap built post pen test that helped meet compliance and regulations.

Obtained Outcomes

Valuementor performed: –

  • Analysis of the application and infrastructure from the internet
  • Vulnerability assessment to locate all network and application vulnerabilities using professional scanners like Nessus Professional, Acunetix Web application Scanner, and BurpSuite Professional
  • Safe exploitation of identified vulnerabilities to confirm the existence and further impact of exploitation
  • Identified 12 critical, 23 high, 105 Medium, and 20 Low vulnerabilities
  • Valuementor demonstrated the exploitation of critical and high vulnerabilities to show the impact of successful exploitation.

Exploited vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities exploited include: –

  • Mobile vulnerabilities – Hardcoded authentication details that lead to compromise of SharePoint service, Insecure design of the application that leads to hijacking app components.
  • Web vulnerabilities- Insecure direct object reference, SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, File upload leading to remote code execution
  • Network vulnerabilities- Manage Engine ServiceDesk Plus, DNZ zone transfer, Oracle WebLogic remote code execution, compromising Oracle EPM Account using default login credentials, Remote Code Execution in Apache Struts.


  • Infrastructure and Application VAPT completed successfully.
  • Simplified internal and external security practices.
  • Met compliance standards.
  • Increased customer trust and retention.

A quick wrap of VAPT benefits

1. Identifies vulnerabilities in your web/mobile applications and networking infrastructure

2. Validates the efficacy of current security controls

3. Quantifies risk to sensitive information and internal systems

4. Provides detailed remediation steps to correct existing flaws and avert future attacks

5. Validates the effectiveness of security and system upgrades

6. Protect asset’s integrity in case of existing malicious code hidden in any of them

7. Reach and sustain compliance with applicable International and Federal regulations



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