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Penetration Testing Service for a Payment Service Company

Mobile Applications have become an irresistible gateway for evolving businesses. Nowadays, it is hard to see a business function without having a mobile application in its tail end. Here, the developers face the constant pressure to meet the deadlines with the growing demand. The condition has led to critical security downfalls, affecting businesses adversely in the long run. Here is where Mobile Application Security Testing services torches their importance and criticality.

The specific process points to Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) service. It marks an in-depth security testing service engagement leveraged by organizations to test/inspect their critical business applications. The process typically identifies vulnerabilities or flaws in the codebase, application, APIs, and databases before reaching an attacker’s eye. The following case study sketches a Mobile Application VAPT Engagement.

About the Client

The client is a leading Digital Payment Service Provider in Dubai that provides a broad range of Payment Solutions to customer businesses. As the organization is an integral part of UAE Fintech orb, the requisite for a secure mobile application gleams a high criticality.

Requirement of the Engagement

Being one of the prominent organizations connected to the Payment Industry of Dubai, the client requirement was to perform: –

  • Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Used Strategy

The used strategies for the engagement process were: –

  • Assigned a one tester team to perform the iOS and Android activities in parallel to deliver a quality report within a shorter time.
  • The base security standards used for the testing were: –
  • OWASP: Open Web Application Security Project testing.
  • NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology framework.
  • PTES: Penetration Testing Execution Standard.
  • OSSTMM: Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual security guidelines.
  • ValueMentor helped the client identify complete security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and the application.
  • Designed an action plan to mitigate the found vulnerabilities.
  • Created a custom-developed security roadmap after the pen testing process to help meet compliance and regulations.

Delivery & Findings

Valuementor performed: –

  • In-depth security review of the application infrastructure
  • Vulnerability assessment to locate all network and application vulnerabilities using professional scanners like Nessus Professional, Acunetix Web application Scanner, and BurpSuite Professional

Our Testing Team spotted 1 Critical, 1 High, 4 Medium, and 5 Low vulnerabilities in the VAPT engagement.

  • Valuementor confirmed and documented the exploitation of critical and high vulnerabilities, illustrating successful exploitation

Exploited mobile vulnerabilities include: –

  • SQL injection
  • Insecure authentication
  • Insecure communication
  • Lack of SSL pinning
  • Lack of rate-limiting
  • Insecure Storage

How did our VAPT Engagement benefit the client?

– Met the required compliance standards
– Simplified internal and external security
– Increased customer trust and retention

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the requirement of Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, ValueMentor reflects quality and professionalism with a 100 % hit velocity. Our CREST Certified Security Analysts and Testers possess deep expertise in conducting VAPT engagements on a healthy note. Mobile applications go critical in the digital transformation era, and security must be an inexcusable element to deploy in the early development process. Constant and continual support is the key to a successful client relationship, and we foster that as our foremost and critical value.



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