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Why VAPT is significant in the modern-day?

No wonder! A cascade of application software and technologies is getting released in the market every other day. To the known stats and reports, 94% of web applications face a high-severity software flaw. Also, 85% of those applications had at least exploitable vulnerabilities.

A minute flaw in security is what every hacker looks at, and it would take only a few seconds for them to get hold of it. Here is where VAPT comes in as the key to address the lock. VAPT is a process of assessing complete security risks in software systems. In fact, it’s a blend of two distinct yet significant application security procedures. Vulnerability Assessment analyses the application using modern application security testing tools & techniques to locate potential vulnerabilities. Here you expose your application to theoretical vulnerabilities & attacks. On the flip side, Penetration Testing is the process of actively attacking your application to determine its security performance. In fact, a simulated attack to exploit all the potential vulnerabilities and identify the impact that each vulnerability carries.

VAPT combines assessment testing with penetration testing- creating a reliable application security measure for enterprises. No single testing can guarantee or ensure security. However, with VAPT, organizations can achieve their comprehensive defence. The exercise lets you locate and identify vulnerabilities before a hacker can exploit them.

So, here is a case study on our recent VAPT engagement performed for leading technology solutions and consulting company.

About the Client

The client is a leading and well-known technology solution and consulting company in the Arab region. They create high-tech products and offer world-class services for their customers across the band. The client well-understands that with steady growth and advancements, security is all-important to deliver a seamless and superior experience for their customers.

Project Requirements

The client’s requirement for the engagement was to perform: –

  • Web Application VAPT
  • Mobile Application VAPT

Challenges Entangled

A challenge on the engagement trail was executing the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) exercise within a controlled or capped timeline. Our team was ready for the plan, transforming the standard deliverables into tailored ones within the timelines.

Strategy Used

A 2-team strategy was opted to address requirements on a parallel note, letting furnish a quality report within a shorter span.

  • Leveraged security testing standards- OWASP Security testing, NIST, PTES, OSSTMM security guidelines.
  • Our team helped the client identify the vulnerabilities and flaws in the infrastructure and applications. Also, prepared an action plan to mitigate the found issues.
  • Our team custom-developed a security roadmap-built post pen test to help meet compliance and regulations.

Process Involved

Analysed web and mobile applications from the web or user end.

  • Performed vulnerability assessment to discover all application vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Used professional scanners like Nessus Professional, Acunetix Web application Scanner, and Burp Suite Professional for the audit.
  • Safe exploited the identified vulnerabilities to confirm the vulnerabilities and the impact of exploitation.

Uncovered vulnerabilities

Identified 1-high, 14-medium, and 24-low-severity vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities exploited include: –

  • Web vulnerabilities: Insecure direct object reference, Cross-site scripting.
  • Mobile vulnerabilities: Coupon code reuse, Insecure Data Storage.

Results Obtained

Met client expectations within the specified timeline

  • Increased customer trust and retention
  • Simplified internal and external security practices

Benefits of VAPT – A Quick Roundup

  • Acquire comprehensive application security

Once an organization completes the entire exercise, it can be confident that its applications are examined against various types of openness, internally and externally.

  • Manage reputation and credibility

Compromises or breaches always drive a negative impact on business reputation and brand. The recovery path can be slow and hard. VAPT not only let companies check for such issues but also reduces the chance of a future attack.

  •  Enhance data security & protection

With a VAPT service run on your application infrastructure and systems, they become likely impenetrable for hackers. Your applications are secured, information is protected, and there is always a secure wrap on your intellectual property and critical data.

  •  Improve enterprise compliance

VAPT exercise not only fends your enterprise system from any potential attacks that might cost millions of dollars, but it guarantees compliance with specific industry standards and laws like the PCI-DSS & the ISO/IEC 27002.






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