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Virtual CISO (vCISO) service, when do you require it?

Cyber security has been a widely discussed issue for organizations in the current digital setting. Identifying, building, and maintaining a cyber security strategy has become a top ask for small to medium-scale enterprises. That is where the Virtual CISO service guidance reflects its value, replacing an unaffordable full-time hire for handling organization security.

Indeed, a vCISO service or an outsourced security practitioner proves an ideal solution to the ongoing requirement. Usually, the service offering is a hybrid of Advisory, Managerial, and Operation roles against any security downfalls and related hurdles. Hence, the service engagement has paved the right way for enterprises looking for an effective subscription-based security process on demand.

Client looking for vCISO service

The client is a prominent Insurance Company having offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The operations go centred and run by a Chief Agency in the United Arab Emirates. The client marks an integral part of the Insurance Sector of the nation. With such enormity and value that the organization brings to the life of people, maintaining cyber readiness, compliance, and security posture shoots as the prior requirement.

Challenges faced by the client

The entity required compliance by the sector authority on the UAE ISMS standard IAR “Information Assurance Regulation”. Here are some of the challenges the client faced which led to the path of vCISO process: –

  • Limited manpower and restraints to hire additional or new resources
  • Operational dependency on Chief Agent Company
  • Lack of qualified information security professionals to manage information security requirements and decision making
  • Conflict of interest, as personal managing operations undertake functional responsibility of CISO

How we helped the client by offering vCISO services

Our service engagement sticks to an annual security vision, mission, roadmap, and continuous management of the deployed security policies and controls. Effectively we;

  • Laid the foundations of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework
  • Created a strategy for the ISMS implementation
  • Implemented an architecture to integrate Information Security in the business activities
  • Continual Evaluation of the deployed Information Security controls

How our engagement process benefited the client

vCISO service offering/ engagement process brought several benefits such as: –

a) Complete reduction of financial overheads sticking to security
b) Independent vCISO services eliminating the conflict of interest
c) Continual Audit Readiness

  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance
  • Proving assurance to the business partners on the information security posture
  • Assuring the clients on the protection of their sensitive information

d) Access to easily pluggable on-demand service from ValueMentor
e) Qualified and competent resources to manage the information security issues.

What makes ValueMentor a prior choice for vCISO offerings?

What makes our vCISO service engagement the prior choice for enterprise security connect to the best facets brought into the picture.

  • More cost savings by vanishing the need for a full-time CISO position
  • Vendor-neutral advice, reducing overall risk exposure and enhancing the value of future and current cyber security investments
  • Flexible approach model, scaling and adapting to enterprise requirements in line with business goals
  • Experience and exposure from specialist cyber security professionals who have individually handled CISO positions
  • Data breach ready
  • Best regulatory compliance which is a prior requirement in the ongoing and evolving digital threat landscape
  • Proving as an extendable service model that can scale up and down. Also, stretchable to complete information security office as an added feature





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