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What is NESA?

National Electronic Security Authority (NESA), also known as the Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA), is responsible for improving the cybersecurity of the United Arab Emirates Critical Information Infrastructure (UAE CII). As part of establishing a minimum level of security in organizations that support critical national services across all sectors that is part of UAE CII, NESA has designed and developed UAE Information Assurance Standards. This standard is advocated to all sector regulators part of UAE CII, who in turn would ensure it is being followed and adhered to by the sector regulated entities.

ValueMentor is a top-trusted Risk & Compliance service provider in UAE, driving organizations closer towards successful NESA Compliance and NESA Certification using UAE Information Assurance Standards.

Why comply with NESA Standards?

  • To reinforce the security of UAE cyber assets and reduce corresponding risk levels.

  • To secure UAE critical information infrastructure.

  • To develop human capital and technical capabilities in cyber security.

  • To enhance cybersecurity threat awareness in the UAE.

  • To build resilience against the latest cyber-attacks.

  • To enable a proper risk management system for organizations part of UAE CII.

Compliance services en-route NESA Certification- UAE

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Our Compliance Approach towards NESA Certification

Phase 1- Project Initiation

The initial phase is where our team scopes the target environment and develops a plan to achieve the project goals.

Identify Critical Assets

  • Project kick-off meeting with management & stakeholders
  • Identify critical business services
  • Identify information infrastructure

Develop Project Plans

  • Develop a project plan
  • Identify roles & responsibilities of project participants

Phase 2- Gap Assessment/ Risk Assessment

The Gap Assessment phase involves identifying the current or existing state of an organization against the NESA Standards.

Gap Assessment

  • Understand current information security practices
  • Map current practices with NESA requirements
  • Identify technology, process, and documentation gaps

Risk Assessment

  • Identify, analyze & evaluate absolute risks & residing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Create a prioritized plan to mitigate the identified risks in accordance with organizations risk appetite level.

Phase 3- ISMS development & Remediation

This phase in the compliance project focuses on alignment and remediation.

ISMS Development

  • Develop NESA compliance framework
  • Develop policies, procedures & standards

Remediation Advisory

  • Provide actionable advice on risk remediation/security control implementation.
  • Corrective & preventive action tracker
  • Provide security awareness staff training

Phase 4- Internal Audit

In the final phase of the compliance project, our audit team conducts NESA Compliance Audit to find deviations from the NESA standard. Our customer success team supports you in ensuring the audit findings are closed properly in time.

Internal Audit

  • Provide internal audit report
  • Provide NESA Compliance summary report

Corrective Action Support

  • Review and update existing policies & procedures
  • Develop new policies & processes as required by NESA UAE IAS audit
  • Advisory support on corrective action recommendations

How ValueMentor can be your success-factor towards NESA Certification?

  • Delivers a vendor-neutral approach being your true consulting or audit partner for NESA Compliance and NESA Certification.

  • Our strategies and plans go proportional to risk levels in your association.

  • Offers comprehensive security and risk management advisory solutions

  • Enables industry-specific insights with pertinent recommendations

  • Your organizational information integrity stays safe and secured.

  • More protection for your critical information with reduced cyber threats.

How ValueMentor can be your success-factor towards NESA Certification

Would you like to speak with our NESA Consultant?


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