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Security Device Management

The security technologies must be consistently monitored, turned, and updated to maintain their well-being and accessibility. ValueMentor takes on this burden for you with specialists that can support both ValueMentor and leading third-party security technologies in existing conditions and new organizations.

  • Managed by Engineers & Consultants at our worldwide system of Security Operations Centers (SOC).
  • Health and accessibility monitoring of security advancements, and notices of any issues.
  • Change management activities when mentioned that are in compliance with agreed-upon approaches.
  • Product and security updates connected to security technologies as needed.
  • Managed NGFWs, NGAV, WAF, IPS, Breach detection Systems, Anti-APTs.

Your Security Technology Management partner

  • Leverage proven specialists with experience managing technologies at a large number of clients around the world.
  • Our Vendor Agnostic approach means you’ll get the ideal solution and technology for your unique security and risk profile. In addition, our specialists can help you align IT infrastructure protection with your organization’s level of business risk and plan.
  • To bring you the most ideal solution, we supplement our reality with industry pioneers like SentinelOne, Fire eye, Cisco, Fidelis Cybersecurity, Fortinet, TrendMicro, Symantec, Mcafee, Sophos.

Why ValueMentor?

ValueMentor offers Managed Security Technology service to secure your business. Our Services intent to bring down enterprise data and network risk, improve security protection, and empower business development.
Our services position you to lessen the cyber risk, execute security approaches effectively, optimize a return on your security ventures and improve your infrastructure protection.
Offload your day-to-day Security Infrastructure management to ValueMentor to:

Immediately augment your existing team

ValueMentor gives needed expertise from knowledgeable analysts so that your team can concentrate on key tasks for your business.

Gain peace of mind

ValueMentor runs Security Operations Center (SOC) worldwide and will screen your technologies 24×7 .

Our Approach

Once the application profile is defined and threat vectors go identified, the security testing team will move the activities to the next stage.

1. Transition

ValueMentor’s specialists will either install and ensure the best setup of existing security innovations. We ensure that all support capabilities will get effectevely managed by our SOC.

2. Health & Availability Monitoring

Through both automated means and physically by our team in the overall Security Operations Center(SOC), ValueMentor screens security technologies 24×7 for well-being and accessibility and helps restore normal service operations as fast as possible with the least disruption.

3. Change Management

Perform change management activities, such as configuration or policy changes when requested. Policies will be set between you and ValueMentor in advance as to what changes ValueMentor can make on your behalf and within agreed to time frames.

4. Product & Service Updates

As your security technology vendors share product and security updates, ValueMentor will apply them to guarantee you have the most recent security patches.

5. Configuration Reviews

Regular Configuration audits ensure that devices are running in Optimal & best practice designs.

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