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ValueMentor handshakes with CashCall – The Egyptian Company for Electronic Payments – PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance Re-Certification Project for a span of 3 years.

CashCall is a popular electronic payment service provider in Egypt offering financial and payment services for banked and unbanked customers. They deliver a seamless Omni channel experience in a flexible and secure way. ValueMentor continues to be CashCall’s trusted partner, offering PCI DSS Compliance and Certification Program over the years.



ValueMentor ties the secure knot with CreditFins – Egypt’s first FinTech Platform – PCI DSS Assessment & Compliance Project for a span of 3 years.

CreditFins offer tailored and more inclusive financial services in Egypt that focus on assisting users improve their financial well-being while making them better informed, empowered and united. ValueMentor keeps CreditFin’s security vision on top, delivering PCI DSS Assessment & Compliance services on the right path and timeframe.


Raya Data Center

ValueMentor starts security offering for Raya Data Center – The leading Data Center Service Provider in Egypt – PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance for a span of 3 Years.

Raya Data Center is a trusted data center service provider with a wide portfolio of outsourcing services. They are committed to the highest grades of compliance with global standards and quality management certifications applicable to their environment. ValueMentor provides Raya with high-quality services that have helped them realize business objectives and achieve information security requirements on a parallel note.



ValueMentor fastens security for Dayra – The data-driven Fintech Company in Egypt providing Financial Services to unbanked workers and micro-businesses – PCI DSS Compliance Project for a span of 3 years.

Dayra helps other businesses provide financial services to their unbanked pool of workers and micro businesses, from virtual accounts to cards and loans. They understand the growing necessity to comply with the PCI DSS requirements fitting to the environment. And ValueMentor continues to make their security call fruitful with our extensive capability servicing in the payment card sphere.



ValueMentor combines security for Fawaterk – The E-Commerce and Electronic Payment Solution Company in Egypt – PCI DSS Assessment with Managed Compliance & Annual PCI Audit & Attestation for a period of 3 years.

Fawaterk offers customized payment solutions that fit any business nature for sending and receiving payments to individuals, software platforms, e-retailers, businesses, marketplaces, & everything in between. For their full-security notion against fraudulent transactions, data theft, and advanced fraud detection systems, ValueMentor proves a trusted solution specialist providing PCI assessments and managed compliance services.


ValueMentor merges security for Agel – Egypt’s first Islamic Fintech providing alternative Financial Solutions that cater for MSMEs – PCI DSS Compliance Project for a period of 3 years.

Agel looks to reshape the traditional monetary services business model, operational model & user experience, forming a unique finance avenue for (“MSMEs”). Agel prioritizes the security requirements of complying with PCI DSS. Valuementor integrates security for Agel fending their network, cardholder data, information, and IT infrastructure to meet the PCI DSS Compliance.



ValueMentor binds security with Neqabty – The first comprehensive Fintech Platform for the automation of Syndicates & Labor unions – PCI DSS Assessment Project for a period of 3 years.

Neqabty offers an interactive platform that provides union services in an automated manner backed by various means of electronic payment to enable access to services. ValueMentor, a Qualified Payment Card Industry Security Assessor Company that provides high-quality services binds security hands with Neqabty helping them realize and align business goals and complete information security requirements.