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What is Advanced Penetration Testing?

Advanced Penetration Testing is a simulated cyber security testing to check for exploitable vulnerabilities present in the enterprise IT environment. Advanced Pen Testing involves attempted breaching of application systems or front-end/back-end servers to discover security vulnerabilities, such as unsanitized inputs that can be susceptible to code injection attacks. Therefore, business applications and networks must undergo periodic Penetration Testing to ensure every probable security weakness is discovered and eliminated.

ValueMentor is a CREST Penetration Testing Service Provider that simulates real-world cyber-attacks & provides quick insights into your security susceptibilities through Advanced Penetration Testing services.

Through our Advanced Pen Testing services in the UK, we demonstrate the existence of known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an intruder – as they appear from outside the perimeter.

Our team conducts more than 500 Advanced Penetration Testing engagements annually.

Advanced Penetration Testing Service

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Advanced Penetration Testing

Organizations shall use the Advanced Pen Testing service to validate their security controls. Some use cases go as below: –

Testing Incident Response

To enrich the readiness and to identify the alertness of the SOC / MDR Service, the Advanced Penetration Testing Service may be utilized.

Simulate Targeted Network Attacks

We perform Red Team Penetration Testing Services that simulate an adversary targeting your organization through specific attack channels.

Key Deliverables

A Penetration test gets useful only if the penetration tester provides you with an actionable report that can address your security troubles. It should be easy to understand and should explain each risk in particular.

Management Summary

Our reports enclose a management summary that holds the overall risk posture of the tested environment. Additionally, these risks get classified according to their criticality/ impact. Hence, all identified risks can be well-traced by the management till the closure.

Detailed Findings

The blue team, application support, and other technical team staff need to understand the details of the weakness. These detailed findings will furnish the required details to examine the risks and make the mitigation effort smarter.

Remediation Advisory

Our team will produce a list of recommended and prioritized action plans to mitigate the identified weaknesses. It could be as simple as referencing a web URL that provides step-by-step actions. It can also be detailed, listing down each step for mitigation.

Revalidation Tests

Validating the closure of vulnerabilities is a vital requirement in Advanced Pen Testing engagement. It checks if the identified risks are reduced to acceptable levels or eliminated completely. We will perform a minimum re-test to validate the closures.

Advanced Pen Testing methods

Our Advanced Penetration Testing service differs from standard penetration testing in its approach, depth of inspection and coverage of the scope.

Advanced Blackbox Penetration Testing

Advanced Black-box Penetration Testing uses minimal details about the target environment. The testing process might take days to months based on the engagement model.

Advanced Grey box Testing

Advanced Grey-box Testing simulates the tactics employed by adversaries such as APT groups or nation-states. The goal is not just to identify vulnerabilities but to determine the exploitation possibilities of enterprise data and customers.

Purple Team tests

The Purple Team Testing is a security exercise where red and blue teams work closely to maximize cyber capabilities. It uses continuous feedback and information transfer to inspect enterprise defence capabilities. It is a tailored and deep assurance process that provides realistic assurance to the client organization.

Red team excercises

Red team Penetration Testing Services is a targeted approach that simulates the most advanced hackers. It provides a holistic security view of the organization from the perspective angle of an attacker. It helps enterprises determine how well they can withstand a real-world attack.

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