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Digital forensics is a vital part of an incident response strategy. Thus, it must be addressed by the organization through its budgets, personnel, policies, and procedures. It is not a hyperbole to say recognizing and mitigating these risks is crucial to a business’s reality.

Our Forensic and Investigation Services are the answer to you on how to overcome critical business tasks effectively. Our team stands solid on experience and subject-matter expertise to provide the right insight, from strategy to execution. We cover the investigative and forensic services and take ownership on various engagements and sectors. We customize our solution to each client’s requirements..

A step-by-step approach for Digital Forensics

ValueMentor offers end to end Digital Forensics Services, right from detecting duplicitous activity, evaluating its effect, and taking the steps to get things up and running as usual once more. We use the latest technology and techniques to identify threats, mitigate losses, and recover data. We are aware with the standards to be followed while handling vulnerable digital data and information.


Identifying an event from indicators and defining its type. It is significant as it effects other steps.


Formulating tools, search warrants, management support, monitoring authorizations and search warrants.


Secure and preserve the state of physical and digital evidence so that it is admisable in the court of law


Collect the physical act and identical digital evidence using standardized and accepted procedures


Determine significance, restructure fragments of data and draw inferences based on evidence originated. This might take several duplications and analysis to support a crime theory


Summarize and offer report of conclusions. Ensuring physical and digital assets is returned to appropriate owner as well as defining how and what criminal evidence must be removed.

Digital Forensics Service


Digital Forensic Investigation Strategy

At ValueMentor, we understand the complexities of protecting an organisation’s electronic data. When this is combined with an established cyber security strategy, you can be sure that company digital assets and data are safeguarded.

Forensic Analysis

Our expert forensic team can set up and conduct a full forensic analysis in order to assist with the key points to prove in the investigation. This may include keyword searches, examination of internet artefacts (including history, bookmarks, messaging and social media) and analysis of electronic document files (including Microsoft Office documents).

Forensic Analysis – Specifics

  • Network Forensics
  • Memory Forensics
  • Email Forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis

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