PCI DSS Risk Assessment in India

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What is PCI DSS Risk Assessment?

PCI DSS Risk Assessment is the formal action of identifying threats and vulnerabilities that could adversely affect cardholder data security. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates organizations to conduct an annual PCI Compliance Risk Assessment to identify the threats and vulnerabilities that may have a negative impact on their organizations.

PCI DSS Requirement 12.1.2 requires organizations to perform an annual risk assessment to identify the threats and vulnerabilities that may have a negative impact on their organizations.

Our PCI Risk Assessment in India helps organisations proactively detect, prioritise and handle security risks impacting their Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).

Fulfilling the requirements of PCI DSS Risk Assessment is a critical need on your way towards PCI Compliance. Security risks are always dynamic. Based on PCI Risk Assessment guidelines, we help you proactively detect existing security weaknesses and help build a concrete posture for future threats.

What you should know about PCI Risk Assessment

Annual Risk Assessment

The PCI Risk Assessment is an annual activity. However, you should perform the risk assessment after a significant change in your cardholder data environment.

Formal Process for PCI Risk Assessment

The PCI Risk Assessment shall follow a formal process to identify threats and vulnerabilities associated with the assets which are part of the CDE or affect the CDE.

Third-party Risks

Your PCI Risk Assessment should include the services outsourced to third-party vendors. Organizations need to perform third-party risk assessments, and risks should get identified as part of contracts.

Asset Identification

Our PCI Risk Assessment incorporates all payment channels and assets that are in primary and secondary scope or otherwise impact the security of CDE.

Formal reporting of PCI Risks

The identified risks get documented in formal PCI Risk Assessment reports. Here, risks are ranked and prioritized for a mitigation plan.

Risk Mitigation plan

Our PCI Risk Assessment activity designs risk mitigation plans based on the identified risks and security control capabilities. These plans help organizations patch existing gaps and defend against future risks.

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How can we help?

Identify the Assets impacting the security of CDE

We help define the complete scope of PCI Compliance and identify the Assets & payment channels to identify the risks.

Conduct Risk Assessment Workshops

ValueMentor assessors will conduct PCI Compliance Risk Assessment workshops for the key stakeholders.

Perform PCI Risk Assessment

We perform PCI Risk Assessment as a hand-on-hand engagement process based on PCI risk assessment requirement and compliance mandates.

Perform Vulnerability Assessments

Our team works collaboratively with your team members to perform the vulnerability assessments that help you draw a clear picture of all existing security weaknesses on your way to PCI compliance.

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