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ValueMentor’s Penetration Testing Services assist customers in improved risk mitigation

At ValueMentor, our CREST certified Security Analysts present companies with a detailed vulnerability report and recommendations for improvement in their security infrastructure. Network penetration testing services enable IT departments to validate existing security controls and meet security compliance requirements while allowing managers better prioritize investment for remediation efforts. A penetration testing company helps organizations in reducing their overall risk posture.

Being one of the top penetration testing companies in India, our full-fledged security wing can provide independent assurance of security controls alongside professional pen testing services. With our proficient line of services, enterprises benefit from improved awareness & knowledge of cyber security risks, compliance, and prioritized security investments. Network & Web Penetration Testing mark our flagship services with an array of subset penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

Types of Network Penetration Test

External Penetration Testing

External penetration testing companies follow a testing procedure that reveals what a hacker can see in the network and exploits the vulnerabilities seen over the internet. Here the threat is from an external network on the internet. External network penetration testing services start over the internet, bypassing the firewall.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration tests show the risks that arise from within the network. This test is performed by connecting to the internal LAN and thereby trying to explore the vulnerabilities that exist. The internal pen testing process helps identify the potential spread of malware within internal enterprise systems.

Segmentation Testing

Segmentation testing segregates the less secure networks from more secure networks, ensuring that the communication between these networks is restricted. Pen Test is a vital tool that helps confirm that the segmentation in your business is working in line and has zero security holes. It is the responsibility of the pen testing companies to ensure this.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Black Box Penetration Testing is a testing process that involves zero knowledge about the network. The pen tester acquires or fetches relevant information using penetration testing tools or social engineering techniques. Here, the penetration tester uses the publicly available data over the internet.

White Box Penetration Testing

White Box Pen Testing, otherwise known as complete knowledge testing, uses full information about the target network. This information can be the host IP address, domains owned, applications used, network diagrams, and security defences like IPs or IDs of a network.

Gray Box Penetration Testing

In Gray Box Pen Testing Process, the tester simulates an inside employee. The tester gets an account on the internal network and the consent to access the network. Gray Box Penetration Testing evaluates internal threats from employees within the company.

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Penetration Testing Services India – Benefits

Criticality of Vulnerabilities

Our solution proactively identifies the criticality/impact of the vulnerabilities and false positives generated by the automated scanners. It helps prioritize the treatment action, whether the vulnerability should get patched immediately or not- considering the criticality.

Regulatory Compliance

Pen testing solution helps enterprises stick in line with global regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA etc. It helps them avoid hefty fines that can emerge due to various non-conformities.

Cost of Compliance

A security breach may cost heavily to an organization. There might occur a network downtime that can eventually drive loss to businesses. Penetration testing services could be an effective solution to avoid these financial slides by swift risk identification and mitigation.

Why Network Penetration Testing

The IT infrastructure is now becoming more compounded and complex. Internal networks provide access over the internet to legitimate users. But the given user credentials and privilege levels often stick outside the firewall, increasing the attack surface. Such infrastructure requires to be evaluated regularly for security threats.

Penetration testing providers determine what type of resources get uncovered to the outer world, specify the security risk involved, detect the possible types of attacks, and help prevent them from surfacing your IT infrastructure.

Penetration Testing Services India: Methodology

Information gathering & Network Discovery

We collect complete information about all active services, hosts, and insecure services alongside links, processes, and related surfing details. The information-gathering phase establishes the basis or foundation for the remaining testing process.

Scanning and enumeration

The pen testers in this phase scan the network to identify live hosts and open ports. Further, they enumerate these ports and hosts to discover machine names, services, and other network resources.

Gaining access

Gaining access involves vulnerability assessment and exploitation.

Remedial Action Identification

Our security analysts construct the right remedial actions for the identified threats and vulnerabilities in the previous phase.

Reporting & Re-Testing

The phase corresponds to the detailed reporting of all the findings with prioritized remediation plans/ recommendations. Upon successful remediation, the re-testing phase validates the effectiveness of the fixes applied.

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