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What is RBI Cyber Security Framework?

The “Cyber Security Framework in Banks” circular from RBI sets the guidelines for Banks in India for developing and implementing next-generation cyber defence capabilities. The framework would direct the execution of progressively more robust security measures based on the nature, scale and variety of bank digital product offerings.

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The RBI cyber security framework addresses three core areas: (1) Establish Cyber Security Baseline and Resilience (2) Operate Cyber Security Operations Centre (C-SOC) (3) Cyber Security Incident Reporting (CSIR).

RBI Cyber Security Framework – Overview

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Establish Cyber Security Baseline


Establish Cyber Security Operation Centre (C-SOC)

C-SOC Functional Requirements

Define the functional requirements of the security operations centre.

Governance Requirements

Define the governance structure of the CSOC and management framework

Integration Requirements

Integrate the CSOC with security solutions to generate alerts.

People Requirements

Ensure the right skillsets are available within the CSOC operations.

Process Requirements

Define the CSOC processes, playbooks, and operation manuals. Develop the IR process and playbooks to meet the RBI CSF CSOC requirements.

Technology Requirements

Deploy the CSOC technologies such as SIEM integrated with threat intelligence feeds/services.

Cyber Security Incident Reporting (CSIR)

Template for reporting Cyber Incidents

An incident report template provides a snapshot of the occurred incident. It can be brief or detailed, leaning on the nature of the incident.

Cyber Security Incident Reporting (CSIR) Form

Incident Response templates, guides and resources enable organizations with the mastery to produce a robust incident management and response program.

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