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Security by design is the foundation of secure applications. Source code review helps

organizations identify the application security weaknesses in the code.

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Source code review involves the line by line inspection of application coding so that any security flaws or backdoor which are left in the coding of application can be found out. In other words, it highlights the potential security vulnerabilities within the that security flaws created by them can be eliminated.

ValueMentor’s security experts will attempt to evaluate, identify and prioritize software vulnerabilities which are found. We also provide a remedy for all those above-mentioned issues.

Source Code Review Service Overview

Hybrid Approach

We utilize best-in-class static code analysis tools to scan the codebase. Detailed manual review of the application code on areas of critical importance such as user authentications, input parameters, select functions etc.

DevOps / Development Integration

While most of our source code review projects are stand along engagements, we also work as an extension to the development team as part of the SDLC process. Each new push of the code is tested for vulnerabilities in such model.

Remediation Advice

Not every developer is a security guru; most of their priorities are to develop applications within the timelines given. Our remediation advice, part of the source code review service, extends them into a secure application development team.

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Source Code Review Methodology

Prepare & Threat Modelling

Our developing team undergoes a deeper study of coding involved, the existing threat and which all coding’s should be prioritized for reviewing. By over-viewing through the coding we helps in finding out any missing strings or unwanted coding which are left in the program.

Code Analysis

ValueMentor conduct analysis based on two different methods. Depending on the requirement we implement either one or both

  • Automated analysis:
    Automated tools which reviews each and every sequence of coding’s and its corresponding output is obtained, and a comparison of it with the required output is done.
  • Manuel analysis:
    Manuel analyses involve line-by-line inspection of the application code to find logical errors, insecure use of cryptography, insecure system configurations, and other known issues specific to the platform.


Our report consists of an Executive summary highlight business risk and the detailed issues with suggested remediation actions

Findings Review

The reports will be reviewed with the entities technical team and the best practice methods which could be implemented to solve it are suggested or we’ll provide a “quick and dirty” solution for the interim period.

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