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Firewalls are your first line of defense in securing the networks. Periodic reviews of firewall security configurations helps you prevent accidental security breaches.

A firewall is the first set of defences in a system which prevents from external attack. Reviewing firewall security will check the firewall configuration, firmware updates, and security configuration. It is mandatory that all firms which communicate through a network should undergo a firewall security review. Most of the standards like PCI DSSISO 27001, SOX and HIPAA require firewall security review.

The main highlight of ValueMentor’s Firewall Security review is that we help to locate weaknesses in network security and also to determine which all existing policies should be updated.

Benefits of Firewall Security Reviews

  • Helps in determining whether the best standard is used
  • Improve the efficiency of firewall policies
  • Determines that there are no vulnerabilities
  • Discover issues that traditional approach cannot identify
  • Meets compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF etc.

Firewall Security Review Methodology

Our team conducts this process manually by using specific tools. The step by step process which we conduct are:

Gathering Firewall security Review Information

  • Network diagram– number of firewalls
  • Best standards which are to be used (PCI DSS, NIST…)
  • Critical Asset

Evaluation of Rules

  • A detailed study of the existing rules which the client is practicing, details about scope, testing limitation.


  • Security configuration review: Analyses the current security configuration like Authorization, Logging/Alerting, Firmware Patching, Administrative Access.
  • Reviewing of Firewall rule: It says which all services and IP which the firewall has allowed


  • The executed matter is mentioned to the higher authorities and what all changes are required is mentioned.

Review of remediation & Final Report

  • After the change is made based on the reporting we check whether the faults in policies and other practices are up to the level.
  • A final report is made based upon the last reviewed details which consist of a high-level overview of a report called executive-level report and a technical finding report which shows all technical aspects.

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