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PCI 3DS Compliance Audits sevice

ValueMentor is a leading PCI 3DS Auditor offering PCI 3DS Security attestation services

PCI 3DS standard helps organizations to implement General Security controls for the EMV Three-Domain Secure (3DS) adaptation. PCI 3DS implementation helps organizations prevent fraud by allowing consumers sel-authenticate with thier card issuer during a Card Not Present (CNP) transaction.

Our PCI 3DS Compliance Services

Our PCI 3DS Compliance Services

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Phase 1 – PCI 3DS Assessment

The first phase of a PCI 3DS Compliance project is defining the scope and performing a PCI 3DS gap analysis.

Identify PCI 3DS Services

  • Project Initiation
  • Understand the organization
  • Identify PCI 3DS services offered
  • Identify the infrastructure elements

PCI 3DS Gap Assessment

  • Identify the 3DS infrastructure and 3DS Data Environment (3DE)
  • Identify the gaps against the PCI 3DS requirements

Phase 2 – Remediation

PCI 3DS Remediation involves mitigation of identified gaps in the PCI 3DS gap analysis.

Remediation Advisory

  • PCI 3DS Documentation
  • PCI 3DS Security Testing
  • Remediation progress tracking

Control Reviews

  • Periodic reviews of control implementation.
  • Consultancy on new controls
  • Review network segmentation

PCI 3DS Audit & Attestation

In this phase of the engagement, the PCI 3DS Auditors at ValueMentor perform the audit of the 3DE, leading to PCI 3DS Certification.

PCI Scope Validation

  • PCI QSA will revalidate the final scope (PCI CDE) and identify the changes from the original scope.

PCI 3DS Onsite Audit

  • Perform the testing procedures as defined in the PCI 3DS ROC template by PCI Council on the scoped 3DE environment

PCI 3DS Report Compliance

  • Collection of the evidence of the 3DS Audit
  • Document the findings of the 3DS Audit
  • Validation of the ROC by a QA QSA
  • Release the ROC for customer review

PCI 3DS Certification / Attestation

  • Prepare the Attestation of Compliance (AOC) based on client confirmation of ROC
  • Issue Attestation of Compliance
  • Successfully completes the PCI 3DS project

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