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Implementing security architecture is often a confusing process in enterprises Achieve the goal of aligning security needs with business needs by following enterprise security architecture frameworks

Cyber Security support is essential for organizations to meet its business objectives. When designing the security controls, it is important to understand the business objectives, the risks introduced by the IT environment and controls implemented are associated with business risks. Enterprise Security Architecture frameworks such as SABSA, COBIT etc helps organizations achieve this goal of aligning security needs with business needs.

Why Security Architecture?

Security Architecture is the overall design of security controls within an organization environment that addresses its necessities and potential risks associated. It is an integral component of enterprise architecture planning, which specifies when and where to apply security controls in such a way that enables business functions and provides value to the organization. Planning for a robust & sustainable architecture for security can benefit any organization by

  • Enabler to achieve core business objectives
  • Operations to become more transparent and accountable
  • Fewer or negligible security breaches or incidents
  • Compliance with key data security standards & regulations
  • More efficient and effective IT environment

Our Approach towards Security Architecture development

ValueMentor understands that the key to a robust and sustainable architecture is in its design principles used that enables business to the organization. We help our client organizations design its security architecture in a risk-based approach:


We understand the key security objective that the organization intends to obtain by analysis of its context surrounding its internal and external environment and work culture. Based on this understanding, a suitable plan is developed with associated responsibilities and activity timelines being clearly defined.

Analyse – Business Objectives, Risks and Technology architecture

We assess the current organization environment across three verticals: People, Process & technology, which is then communicated along with its risks and areas of improvement. Risks are identified and evaluated based on their impact on achieving the organization’s business objectives. Based on the risks identified, suitable security controls for its treatment are identified.

Design of Security Controls mapped to Business Risks

Based upon inputs from Analyze phase, we help in designing appropriate security controls for the organization that is mindful of the many layers of stakeholders involved in your organization. We help develop required system technical standards and appropriate policies and procedures associated.

Implement and manage the security controls

We help bridge the gap between your new security controls, and their day-to-day deployment, by training, educating, and offering hands-on support to your biggest source of security risks— the people within your end-users, IT users, and senior management

Measure and Monitor the Control effectiveness and Continuous Improvement

We help organizations to maintain their security environment by defining suitable control monitoring metrics and conducting periodic internal audits. This would enable organizations to keep track of their cyber risks and monitor the effectiveness of cyber security controls.

Why choose ValueMentor?

  • A handful of clients (Over 30+) from multiple industries that include banking, technology, manufacturing, Power, government/federal, etc.
  • Team of seasoned consultants with backgrounds in working with security architectural frameworks like TOGAF, SABSA, O-ESA & OSA.
  • Rich Expertise in designing security frameworks for large organizations that are spread globally across.
  • Proven record on supporting clients to keep hold of their other various legal/regulatory/statutory security compliance requirements within a single security framework
  • Ability to provide vendor-agnostic solutions for designing organization security architecture

Interested in Optimizing your Security Architecture?


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