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PCI Penetration Testing in USA

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What is PCI Penetration Testing?

PCI Penetration Testing is a cyber security assessment that involves testing an organization’s complete cardholder data environment (CDE) and systems impacting it under specific requisites of PCI DSS. ValueMentor PCI Penetration Testing services in the US identify potential ways a malicious user would try to access resources affecting an organization’s CDE.

Perform our PCI DSS Pen Testing – an ethical hacking exercise that helps organizations unveil weaknesses, secure the CDE and meet PCI compliance requirements.


PCI DSS is a mandatory requirement for organizations in the US and across the globe that accepts payment cards as a means of processing payments. To ensure the security of applications, networks and cardholder data, organizations shall perform periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. In contrast to general pen testing, a PCI DSS Penetration Testing precisely focuses on the security of the cardholder data environment (CDE).

PCI Penetration Testing Requirements

PCI Penetration Testing Requirements

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Our PCI Pen Testing Approach

Defining the Scope

Defining the complete coverage or scope in PCI DSS Pentest is essential to ensure continuous compliance with PCI DSS Requirements. All systems & networks that store, process, or transmit cardholder data or sensitive authentication data and any technology that can affect its security should be part of the scope.


The assets in the scope get identified in the recon phase of the PCI Pen Testing.


At this stage, we will perform the required security tests and exploitations as outlined in the PCI DSS Penetration Testing Guidelines.


We will prepare QSA acceptable penetration test reports that include the methodology of tests, documentation of findings and remediation steps.


Clean reports are critical for the success of your PCI Compliance. We can perform a re-test to validate the closure and issue a clean report once everything gets fixed.

Benefits of working with ValueMentor

  • ValueMentor is a PCI QSA Company and has a strong knowledge of PCI Penetration Testing requirements
  • ValueMentor follows CREST Approved Penetration Testing methodology
  • Our PCI Penetration Testing team has in-depth experience in performing penetration tests
  • We have completed more than 3000+ healthy penetration testing engagements
  • Our team is OSCP Certified, CREST Certified & has other pertinent penetration testing certifications
  • We provide complete support for you to resolve vulnerabilities quickly and remediate them to ensure clean reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do businesses require PCI Penetration Testing?2022-10-28T06:12:16+00:00

• Detect security vulnerabilities in the PCI environment
• Reduce the risk of getting breached or hacked
• Achieve compliance with industry standards
• Provide proof of compliance with industry standards
• Builds trust & credence among customers & partners by being security conscious.

2. How often should organizations perform PCI Penetration Testing?2022-10-28T06:13:20+00:00

Annual Penetration testing is required for all merchants that stock, transmit or manage payment information and at least quarterly for merchants that utilise a third party to store, manage or transmit payment card data on their behalf.

3. Why is Penetration Testing important for PCI DSS?2022-10-28T06:14:07+00:00

Penetration Testing is a vital exercise to secure the safety of payment systems. It helps you find, prevent, and mitigate security vulnerabilities. It also allows you to determine weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Penetration Testing is also a critical part of the compliance process as it verifies that the deployed solutions align with the security standards and protection requirements.

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