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What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Privileged Access Management or PAM is a cyber security approach for auditing, monitoring, and controlling identities across an organization’s IT environment. ValueMentor PAM Security program in the US help businesses exert matured controls over privileged access and permissions for accounts, users, and processes in the IT background.

“Execute the principle of least privilege, helping organizations reduce their attack surface!”

Why do businesses need PAM Security?

In a time where 80 % of security breaches involve compromised user credentials, the best prevention strategy is to implement a PAM Solution for your business. Our Privileged Access Management solutions offered in the US enable organizations with the most limited access permissions for users to perform their required job levels. Also, PAM allows the security teams to have greater threat visibility and help mitigate risk more effectively.

Benefits of PAM Security Services

Incorporate the max- potential of PAM into your Identity Management Strategy!

Benefits of PAM Security Services

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Privileged Access Management Services: Beyond Trust 

Privileged Password Management 

Audit, access and manage privileged accounts & credentials!

Password Safe

Beyond Trust Privilege Password Management solutions help deliver real-time monitoring, session management, and automated credential management with advanced auditing and forensics. Using Password Safe, you can fine-tune automated controls on your password management and privileged approvals.

Key features include: –

  1. Automated discovery & onboarding
  2. Privileged credential & password management
  3. Privileged session management
  4. Privileged threat analysis
  5. Secure SSH key management

DevOps Secrets Safe

The service solution protects secrets used in the DevOps environment (applications, tools, and processes). Reduce the risk of credentials or secrets exposure in continuous development environments by securing and automating their storage and access.

Key features include: –

  1. Consolidated secrets management
  2. Automated secrets lifecycle audit
  3. Integrates with DevOps tools
  4. High availability & reduced risk of down-time

Privileged Access Discovery Application

The Privileged Access Management software from Beyond Trust help run unlimited scans on your IT network to detect the risk of unidentified privileges. The PAM software can help you discover all the vulnerable accounts and tools existing in your network in minimum time. Mitigate privileged access vulnerabilities on the go!

Key features include: –

  1. Discover privileged account & credentials
  2. Detect account misconfigurations
  3. In-depth scanning & reporting

Secure Remote Access 

Centrally manage and secure all remote accesses!

Remote Support


Access and manage any remote device or system within your network or beyond with Remote Support software from Beyond Trust. Our professional hands will handhold you for controlling, troubleshooting, and fixing all remotely lying devices or systems. The specific software runs across Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Chrome OS.

Key Features include: –

  1. Anytime-Anywhere remote access & control
  2. Team & permission administration
  3. Complete audit & compliance
  4. Custom-integration with CRM/ITSM/SIEM

Privileged Remote Access


Privileged Remote Access Solution helps audit employee privilege and third-party vendor remote accesses. The solution defines appropriate levels of access permissions for each role in your enterprise network. Limit free access and enable a zero-trust strategy to system access controls with Beyond Trust PRA.

Key features include: –

  1. Privileged access control
  2. Refined session monitoring
  3. Privileged passwords vaulting
  4. Privileged session management

Endpoint Privilege Management

Deploy the least privilege principle across all endpoints!

Windows & MAC

Experience the true capability of Privilege Management for Windows and MAC, ensuring preventive endpoint security. Get complete protection against malware, ransomware, unusual movements, and insider threats.

Key features include: –

  1. Zero trust strategy
  2. Application control & protection
  3. Robust integrations
  4. Enterprise auditing & reporting

Unix & Linux

Endpoint Privilege Management for Unix, Linux and other networked devices help the IT security team deploy fine-grained privileged rules, and audit & monitor all user activities in real-time. The solution helps prevent and contain breaches that target Unix & Linux systems without hindering productivity.

Key features include: –

  1. Auditing & governance
  2. Policy-based controls
  3. Remote system app control
  4. Diligent access policy & monitoring
  5. Threat reporting & analytics

Active Directory Bridge


The Active Directory Bridge solution helps push Microsoft Active directory authentication, group policy management and single sign-on capabilities to Linux & Unix systems. The solution integrates the active directory to Unix and Linux with centralized management, lowering the risk and associated complexity.

Key features include: –

  1. Compatible tools across the enterprise
  2. Facilitate compliance
  3. Comprehensive security policies
  4. Consolidates directories
  5. Simplified environments

Cloud Security Management

Automate control of identities & access in your cloud environment!

Cloud Privilege Broker


Cloud Privilege Broker from Beyond Trust points to a permission management solution that helps improve visibility and manage cloud access risks. The solution can be deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments from a single interface.

Key Features include: –

  1. Higher visibility & control over cloud permissions
  2. Efficient management of cloud permissions
  3. Uphold regulatory compliance
  4. Integrates with other PAM solutions

What makes ValueMentor a trusted partner for PAM deployment services?

  • Enhanced access security
  • Improved coverage & visibility

  • Rapid risk reductions
  • Qualified Security Team

  • More User Trust & Credence
What makes ValueMentor a trusted partner for PAM deployment services

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