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ValueMentor is excited to announce its partnership with SentinelOne, Dubai to offer “Managed EDR Services” in UAE. SentinelOne, the highest-rated endpoint protection platform according to ‘Gartner Cool Vendors’; has the exceptional capability to detect and respond to malware programs, including ransomware.

ValueMentor being a leading Cyber Security Strategic Consulting and Services Company in UAE, our SentinelOne offers include setting up the solution to take your malware/ransomware detection capabilities to the next level. Being a Managed Security Provider, ValueMentor can help you monitor your SentinelOne installations 24×7 and take immediate actions to protect you from ransomware and other malware.


What are the key features of SentinelOne?

  • SentinelOne can be installed on Windows, OS X or Linux-based endpoints.
  • SentinelOne agent performs continuous full system monitoring of all low-level activities without affecting the system performance.
  • SentinelOne agent protects your endpoint, even when it is not connected.
  • SentinelOne uses advanced machine learning tactics to identify advanced malware programs, exploits and other cyber-attacks.
  • SentinelOne helps you in your forensic investigations effortlessly with a few mouse clicks.
  • SentinelOne utilizes storyline visualizations and process flow charts to map out the attacks.
  • SentinelOne provides details of the attack origin and its progression through the endpoints within your network.
  • SentinelOne EDR can perform the entire incident response process with minimal or no manual intervention.
  • The Rollback feature helps you bring back the files (ransomware encrypted or malware injected) into trusted states.
  • SentinelOne agents not only secure the endpoints but also notifies other agents in the network to be safe from attacks.

Being an Autonomous Endpoint Protection and Response Platform; SentinelOne could detect, prevent and respond to attacks against your system. The ValueMentor team utilizes the EDR capabilities and enhances it by providing additional monitoring along with 24/7 response actions to eliminate the threats rapidly.

If you are considering a SentinelOne partner in Dubai, UAE; ValueMentor will be your best choice.




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