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ISO 27001 Gap Analysis, ISO 27001 Risk Assessment & ISO 27001 Compliance services

ISO 27001 Implementation Services

Customers subscribe to our ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification service to build an effective and usable Information Security Management System. ValueMentor focuses on ensuring that the ISMS is repeatable, effective and provides compliance with regulations such as IT Act, ISR etc. This means our ISMS implementation will not only get you ISO 27001 certified but also ensures that it is relevant from your organization’s context and meets your compliance requirements.

ValueMentor team is up of subject matter experts, strategy experts and technical / operations experts. To build an ISMS for your organization, ValueMentor consultants will learn your business, your vision and the information security requirements of your business along with the compliance needs.

Turnkey ISO 27001 ISMS Service

ValueMentor helps you implement ISMS based on the ISO 27001 standard which is certifiable from ground up. This process includes a number of stages and various levels of engagement. This allows us to identify the current stage of your ISMS and choose the right level of engagement for your organization.

Expert ISO 27001 Consultants

ValueMentor team can help you implement the ISO 27001 standard within, as low as, 4 months

Scoping & ISO 27001 Awareness

Defining the scope of your ISO 27001 certification is critical in developing the ISO 27001 success plans. A detailed ISO 27001 scoping excercise identifies the Information environment to be protected and identifies the internal and stakeholders of the project.

ISO 27001 GAP Assessment

If you are considering the ISO 27001 implementation, the first step to perform is an ISO 27001 GAP Assessment. Our ISO 27001 GAP assessment service is focused on providing clarity on the current state and the level of effort that is needed to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment helps the organization to find the information risks of your information assets. ISO 27001 Risk Assessments are one of our most used service engagements. Our proven process helps you identify the assets in-scope and the associated threats and vulnerabilities, then utilize a proven risk management framework to provide you with clarity on your ISMS security risk levels, meeting the risk assessment requirements of ISO 27001.

ISMS Policies & Documentation

PCI Awareness among the staff is a key factor in a successful PCI Audit. Our PCI Training and Awareness service include Classroom and Online training, periodic evaluation and certification on PCI Awareness for every individual participating in the program.

ISO 27001 Security Awareness

Security Awareness among the staff is a key factor in a successful ISMS. Our Security Training and Awareness service include Classroom and Online training, periodic evaluation and certification on Security Awareness for every individual participating in the program.

ISMS Internal Audits

One of the key step towards ISO 27001 certification is the Internal Audit. Many of our clients do not have an ISO 27001 auditor on staff and we step in to help our clients do the ISO 27001 internal audits. Our audit team performs the internal audit on behalf of you and help you better position for your ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Certification Audit Support

ISO 27001 certification audits are always challenging. Our experts will participate in the ISO 27001 Certification audit along your staff members. We will make sure that the audit is performed in a logical and reasonable manner and ensure that all external auditor concerns are addressed.



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