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Businesses, small or big, are facing increased pressure to secure their working environment from hackers, data loss and protect their online reputation. Coupled with ever increasing Compliance and Regulatory requirements (like PCI, HIPAA, partner contracts, or customer demands) is another challenge faced by the organizations. Many regulatory and compliance requirements affecting storage and use of data directly penalize the executive management if processes, systems and security measures are not in line with the compliance requirements. This brings the need for a security expert with experience and knowledge in managing the security, privacy and compliance requirements. This is not the job of an IT Manager but a specialist Security professional. The Virtual CISO (vCISO) service from ValueMentor is a subscription based security management offering geared towards helping smaller to mid-sized companies that would prefer to partner with a specialist information security firm to perform some or all CISO functions.

Why you need it?

Small to mid-sized organization are required to adhere to a wide range of legal, regulatory and contractual security requirements; however, for a number of reasons (such as high costs, limited availability of qualified resources) they find it difficult to keep it up. Most of these organizations have staff who can manage technology products, but remain challenged when it comes to addressing their long-term or strategic security needs. Hiring a full-time staff at an executive level can be very expensive matter. Chances are you don’t really need a full-time resource though; all you really need is a trusted advisor who can provide security leadership and guidance ‘on demand’, and help out with the ‘heavy lifting’ when necessary.

How it works?

The ValueMentor vCISO subscription service provides you with a virtual security advisor who can answer your questions and help you guide your security efforts in a way that makes sense. As part of annual subscription, you purchase a number of hours every month that can be used for your security requirements. Whether you need a lot of help, or just a little, you will have a highly qualified security professional available for you on a retainer basis as a member of your team, but without the cost of a full-time staff. Your appointed vCISO is able to engage with you whenever you need help and assistance. Even when they are not actively working on your business they are phone call or email message away. With this onsite and offsite model, you will get the best possible service with the least cost. As and when the vCISO is engaged in your business related work (onsite or offsite), the amount of time used to support your requests is deducted from your pool. You get a monthly statement of work performed by the security advisor in protecting your organizations information assets.



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