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BENEFIT receives the International PCI-DSS certification

The BENEFIT Company, leading company in electronic financial transactions, achieved recently the compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI DSS 3.2 – which is latest international standard for payment card security of sensitive information for all of BENEFIT payment systems including support systems related to electronic cards payment.

This accreditation is a result of the company commitment towards strict international information security standards related to payment card industry and a result of taking all measures required to ensure the privacy and security of electronic card holders’ information.

ValueMentor’s Qualified Security Assessors accredited by PCI council reviewed the level of information security in BENEFIT and accredited the compliance of company resources, systems and personnel to latest version of PCI DSS standard from PCI council created by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.) CEO of ValueMentor Mr. Binoy K.L. visited Kingdome of Bahrain recently to handover the certificate to the CEO of BENEFIT Mr. Abdulwahid Janahi expressing his confidence that accreditation is a result of the company and management commitment towards payment cards industry information security standards.

CEO of BENEFIT Mr. Abdulwahid Janahi appreciated efforts of all staff involved from all departments who spared no effort in safeguarding electronic card holder information which resulted in recent accreditation of company’s commitment to highly recognized international related standards.

BENEFIT released recently BenefitPay service which is an electronic wallet using mobile applications and is planning to increase number of payment instruments to it in addition to BENEFIT administration to Bahrain’s national ATM and POS switch, payment gateway services, GCC-Net for ATMs and POS, GCC Dispute management system and local BENEFIT dispute management system in addition to other electronic financial services.