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Cyber Security for Startup Companies

A shakedown is happening in the financial world. The emerging fintech startups are gaining customers from the banks and traditional financial companies in large numbers. Similarly, a number of startups and/or new age services such as ever-changing e-commerce, are shaking the traditional way of doing business. Even though the new age companies are gaining customers and attracting the world attention, they all face a unique challenge: cyber security. The unregulated growth and unconventional and agile way of operations makes these entities uniquely vulnerable to security breaches.

The innovations of the startup world are happening at lightspeed and part of their success is this speed in developing solutions to meet its users’ needs and expectations. However, regulations and global security standards are unable to keep up with the speed and thereby resulting in a gap between the regulatory environment.

The challenges of meeting the regulatory requirements and securing the technology stack along with personal data they serve are resulting in legal and operational risks for these businesses.

We believe that those startups implementing the security and compliance layer, will have an edge among the peer companies. Good security is profitable for most startups, security that protects its users from breaches is a selling point. Most, if not all, users are worried about how their personal information is handled by these new companies.

ValueMentor is helping a number of startups and fintech companies in the middle east and globally to build a unified framework for cyber security and compliance requirements unique to the startup. Each startup has their own security challenges and compliance roadblocks. The unified frameworks address these challenges resulting in a more secure environment that meets the regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI DSS etc.

These companies reach out to ValueMentor to utilize our experience in securing cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and private cloud services offered by local companies. Our experience in providing consultancy towards PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 and various other regulatory requirements helps these startups build a strong techno compliance framework.

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