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“Our success has been because of the long-term relationship we establish with our customers through trust and by ensuring our services are only meant to enhance the security of our clients”

With ransomware and other threats, IT services providers are looking to make money on the insatiable demand for cybersecurity. How fairly does this statement justify the growth of managed security services?

Gone are the days, when IT security services were limited to fixing breaches within the firewalls of an organization. Today’s business happens in ecosystems which brings in greater capabilities and opportunities, while at the same time, allow more security complexities. Cloud, IoT and mobile malware are complicating the security scene in organizations. Security service providers are constantly innovating to remediate threats and breaches. Demand for service providers, who can deliver wholesome solutions without impacting the functions and aligning with the business goals of the organization, is on an all-time high.

How has the cost and shortage of security talent empowered MSS domain?

Organizations are facing crunches in capital resource and in skilled IT professionals, to manage their information security domain. On the other hand, threats and vulnerabilities issues to organizational data are on the rise and hence a high demand for highly effective security solutions. MSS provide competent and cost-effective solutions to organizations relieving them of the over-burden of security management.

What is fueling the growth in the managed security services market?

In organizations, there is a pressing need for advanced threat protection from cyber security attacks. Rise of network complexities, skilled in-house professionals are the major reasons for organizations to look for specialized service providers for data security management. The need for unified security solutions is growing when organizations are embracing widespread implementation of enterprise mobility and BYOD strategies for their business growth.

How does a partner stand out in this increasingly competitive market?

Today, security experts face challenges around every corner, with new malwares and user intended attacks in a very complicated network of devices. It’s the qualities like ingenuity and passion towards detection and resolution and a culture where clients are seen as business partners, possessed by some security providers that makes them stand out in the crowd.

What are some of the undeniable traits of a MSP partner?

An MSP partner is equipped with full-fledged SOCs, security labs, SIEM implementation and support, certified professionals, detection and remediation services and process evolution programs.

What would be the key Dos and Don’ts while architecting a MSS architecture?


  • Business risk should be the key driver for security
  • Technology and security as an enabler of business strategy
  • Cohesive security organization
  • Single team, common framework


  • Too much emphasis on technology
  • Silo approach to security and risk
  • Siloed security organization

How does your portfolio stand out in the crowd?

ValueMentor offered solutions are holistic in nature, which are served by our 3 primary service groups – Information Security Audit Services, Information Security Consulting Services and Managed Services. ValueMentor takes pride in the fact that we clearly understand the challenges faced by organizations in the information security domain. Our success has been because of the long-term relationship we establish with our customers through trust and by ensuring our services are only meant to enhance the security of our clients. Our relationship with our clients go beyond “just being another vendor”.

ValueMentor is vendor agnostic, we do not resell any software or hardware and will always recommend only the best solution for the organization. At ValueMentor, we firmly believe that Large Budgets are not a prerequisite for running a security program efficiently. We also boast of a platform with highly qualified and certified security professionals and we do not outsource any kind of activities to third party vendors.



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