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BENEFIT, the leading company in electronic financial transactions, renewed for the second time a certificate of compliance “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – which is the latest global standard for providing the highest levels of protection and confidentiality PCI DSS 3.2”, for the data of electronic payment cards And assistance systems for payment of cards.

“ValueMentor” and its local agent, Knowledge Village Company, accredited by the PCI Council “BENEFIT” granted the certificate of compliance after assessing its level of information security, and approving the compliance of the company’s facilities, systems and employees to the latest versions of the “PCI” security standard, according to the compliance report issued in Last December 30.

This renewal of the certificate comes as confirmation of the company’s continued adherence to the strict standards of data card security and taking all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information of electronic payment card holders, and to preserve the positive reputation achieved by BENEFIT since its establishment.

On this occasion, CEO of Benefit Abdul Wahid Al Janahi, said that the company obtained for the second time a certificate of compliance “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI DSS 3.2”, confirming the commitment of “Benefit” fully to the highest standards of information security, and keeping pace with the company in its development operations that are in line with With the latest international standards and practices adopted.

Al-Janahi expressed his gratitude for the company’s competencies in all concerned departments, which spared no effort to preserve the data of the payment cards of consumers, culminating in the renewal of recognition of the company’s compliance with the highest international standards.

Benefit recently launched BenefitPay service for payment via electronic wallet via a mobile application, in addition to the fact that the company manages the ATM network and the POS network in Bahrain and provides electronic payment gateway services to collect payments and manages the Gulf network of ATMs and points of sale in addition to To manage claims for the Gulf network and claims for the Bahrain network “Benefit” and other electronic financial services.



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