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“Cybersecurity is substantially more than a matter of IT and it is one of the most prominent issues worldwide as digital errors and attacks are overwhelming. Attackers are frequently utilizing increasingly refined methods to focus on the systems,” explains Binoy Koonammavu, the Founder and the Group CEO of the ValueMentor group of companies.

Binoy has over 20 years of expertise in the area of cyber security. According to him, with ever-rising rates of privacy violations and data thefts, firms – whether IT or non-IT have realized the significance of cyber security. Therefore, many organizations are concentrating on developing a unified solution to manage digital issues and safeguard their digital infrastructure.

To create and implement the digital security position of any firm, Binoy Koonammavu, together with Angela Maria and Jobbin Thomas have established ValueMentor consulting in the year 2012. The prime reason to incorporate ValueMentor is to provide various managed security services to the organizations. Prior to establishing ValueMentor, Binoy was the Head of IT security at Burgan Bank, Kuwait and he holds accreditations including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, ISO 27001 LI, PCI QSA, PCI 3DS, AMBCI, CCSK, COBIT, etc.

Today, ValueMentor has become a successful cybersecurity company having collective experience of 400 years, spanning across verticals such as FinTech, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Ecommerce, Hospitality and Government. ValueMentor operates globally with operations in Americas, Middle East, East Africa and India. At present, ValueMentor provides different IT security services such as information security audit and consulting services for compliance services like PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, SWIFT CSP, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA & HITRUST and Virtual CISO Services. ValueMentor offers Managed Security services like Logging & Monitoring, Threat Intelligence and Incident Management and MDR SOC Services.

ValueMentor services enable their clients to identify potential weaknesses in their digital environments ahead of the adversaries

ValueMentor currently focuses on four areas including Data protection, Infrastructure security, Governance risk and compliance, and Risk management. For each focus area, the consulting firm executes four staged methodology including evaluate, architect, implement, and manage. Its center offering comprises of security assessments and ethical hacking (VAPT), corporate security awareness training, ISO 27001/ISMS implementations, virtual CISO services, and PCI DSS compliance. Binoy shares, “Our security assessment services give our clients information about the potential security weakness in their web applications/network and the ethical hacking services demonstrates that it can be used by fraudsters.”

We Provide Intuitive Services to Clients from Start-ups to Enterprises

With a large clientele ranging from small to medium enterprises to large corporates, ValueMentor is securing and supporting clients with services like Cyber Risk Management, payment security, managed security services, and security testing. ValueMentor has a pool of highly experienced resources in the cybersecurity field.

“We are a leading Cyber Risk & Compliance Services Company delivering services to customers in all the regions we operate in. Our highly expert team of Security Consultants has helped companies in different verticals with their Security Compliance Requirements.”, mentions Binoy.

Likewise, in terms of payment security, the team of ValueMentor has helped major merchants and service providers to adapt Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). “I think, in the era, where the eCommerce & FinTech is exponentially growing, there is an extra focus on payment security as the possibilities of cybercriminals are also progressing. As a merchant or a service provider, you have the responsibility of providing the payment security to your customers and securing the customer’s data,” states Binoy. Thus, compliance with PCI DSS further helps merchants to protect the Cardholder data. Since its inception in 2012, the company has provided payment security services to leading sectors including Banking & Finance, Travel & Tourism, eCommerce, FinTech, Hospitality, and Retail.

We Assist Businesses to Create Well-coordinated Incident Response Strategy

Binoy mentions, “Incident Response should be part of every organization’s active defence system. We help you create a well-coordinated Incident Response strategy which would help you in minimizing the repercussions of the incident and incorporating measures to prevent future incidents.” Additionally, ValueMentor’s team of specialists in digital forensics & cybersecurity investigations helps clients in uncovering every aspect of the crime, right from digital forensic evidence recovery to identifying the source of the crime which can be presented for legal proceedings. Likewise, the company helps organizations in continuously monitoring, fine-tuning and implementing security devices, intrusion detection/prevention systems and other security systems which would detect and delay the internal and external network attacks.

With the help of Proactive Threat Hunting approach, ValueMentor identifies the attack behaviours that aren’t detected by current automated methods of prevention and detection. Binoy adds, “With the Proactive Threat Hunting, the ability to block advanced threats improves each year, but we face adversaries who are determined and creative, and their techniques evolve just as quickly. This raises a few questions: When prevention fails, what do we have left to protect our organizations? How can we discover gaps as fast as possible?”

Thus, Binoy and the team of ValueMentor are enabling their clients to safeguard their digital security while consistently improving ValueMentor’s approach towards solving customers’ security issues. In the coming days, the company aims to serve over 800+ clients. ValueMentor looks forward to hiring 130+ security analysts in the USA, UAE, and India in 2020, to expand its area and quality of operations.



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