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Cyber Security consulting & services company ValueMentor is launching a slew of Security Assessment services focused on the SME segment. They are seeking to grow their market share in the SME space and also increase their channel partner’s strength.

ValueMentor currently offers a wide range of security assessment services to large enterprises and government organizations in the Middle East, India and United States. With the introduction of security assessment services targeted at SMEs, ValueMentor intends to expand the channel network, so that a large number of SME customers will have access to the ValueMentor Security Assessment services at affordable costs.

“This is intended to open up a whole, new market for ValueMentor. The benefit of the same will accrue not only to its existing partners, but also to potential new partners as we are taking these services to the SME space where IT resources are far more limited,” said Mridul Menon, Head of Business & Strategy for ValueMentor. “With this service, it allows our existing partners to really expand into the SME Segment and also allows us to add new partners to cater to this huge opportunity and market,” he added

“In the recent past, we have seen a large number of SME business getting affected by various cyber security incidents. SME business often ignores the importance of cyber security until an incident occurs. Cost of security and awareness are the two key reasons, why they tend to ignore Information Security. With our new service line focused on the SME’s, we intent to bridge this Gap and help SMEs establish enterprise level security practices” said Binoy Koonammavu, CEO and Principal Consultant at ValueMentor.

ValueMentor being a Pure play IT Services company, keeps itself away from the product space to ensure the independence of the recommendations it provides to its clients.




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