PCI DSS Compliance Services

PCI DSS Compliance Services

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) denotes a set of technical and organizational requirements developed to assure all companies that process, hold or transmit cardholder information stay compliant and maintain a secure payment environment. In the Payment Card Industry (PCI), every Merchant and Service Provider will require to protect their customer’s cardholder data. 

ValueMentor’s PCI Certification programs help customers achieve PCI DSS Compliance and payment security. 

PCI DSS QSA companies are authorized to validate the compliance of merchants & service providers. Merchants have a contractual obligation to comply with PCI DSS requirements. Enable multiple layers of security in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) through our simplified PCI Certification & Compliance Process. 

PCI DSS Certification Program

PCI GAP Assessment

Our PCI Audit Team evaluates the existing state of your PCI Compliance using the PCI Gap Assessment methodology.

PCI Risk Assessment

Perform PCI Risk Assessment to determine the potential impact on CDE and cardholder data.

PCI Remediation Support

Our Specialists in PCI Compliance Services will help you identify the right solutions that may fast track your remediation process.

ASV Scans

Our PCI Success Team will perform the ASV Scans and coordinate with you for passing scans as a part of the PCI DSS Certification requirement.

PCI Penetration Testing

Our Security Analysts perform PCI Penetration Testing as directed by the PCI Standard.

Security Awareness

All employees in the organization receive security awareness through a cloud portal that can help improve the human side of security.

Technology Implementations

In this phase of the PCI DSS Certification Program, we provide the needed advisory on remediation of technology gaps and implementing appropriate technical controls.

PCI Remediation Reviews

We will perform periodic remediation reviews to ensure that your PCI Compliance is on track & within the budget.

PCI Certification & QSA Audit

Our PCI QSAs perform the final PCI Audit and validation of PCI Compliance. A Successful PCI Audit can lead you towards a quick PCI Certification.

Facilitated PCI SAQ

The facilitated PCI SAQ program addresses the needs of organizations where you need a human touch for selecting the right SAQ and performing the services.

IATA PCI Compliance

Our IATA PCI Compliance Services team can help you facilitate the PCI SAQ and achieve IATA PCI Certification.

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Define PCI Certification Scope

The initial phase of a PCI DSS QSA engagement is to define the scope of PCI certification/attestation. This is an integral part of PCI compliance services.

PCI Project Initiation

  • Project Initiation
  • Understand the organization
  • Identify critical business services
  • Identify information infrastructure 

CDE Systems & Networks for PCI DSS Compliance

  • Identification of the PCI Inscope Systems
  • Determining the Networks that comes under CDE

Cardholder Data Flow

  • Determine the systems which store, process or transmit cardholder data
  • Identify and validate the cardholder dataflow

Network segmentation review

  • Review the network segmentation controls used to segment the PCI cardholder network from the corporate network.

PCI Gap Analysis / Initial PCI Audit

The second phase of the PCI DSS Certification project is to identify the gaps in control implementation. A PCI DSS QSA reviews the control implementation using the PCI ROC testing procedures.

PCI Awareness for Stakeholders

PCI awareness and the information on the audit process are well-communicated to the project stakeholders prior to the PCI Gap Assessment. 

Review of PCI Documentation

PCI policies and procedures get reviewed to identify potential gaps associated with PCI documentation requirements. 

Review of CDE Systems for PCI DSS Compliance

Review the PCI Controls implementation on the PCI CDE systems, including servers, desktops, applications & network devices

PCI Gap Assessment Reports

  • PCI DSS Gap Assessment Report
  • PCI Remediation tracker
  • General PCI Advisory on PCI gap closures

PCI Consulting / Remediation Support

Our PCI Customer Success team works closely with the customers in providing specific advisory support during the PCI DSS compliance and remediation phase. Our PCI Consultants have experience helping companies in Banking, Insurance, Payment Gateway, E-Commerce, Fintech, Travel Companies, and National and Regional Payment Switches to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

PCI Policies and Procedures

  • Review existing policies
  • Recommend new PCI policies
  • Recommend new PCI procedures

Control Implementation Reviews

  • Review of the controls implemented
  • PCI Consultancy on new controls
  • PCI segmentation implementation reviews

Facilitate PCI Services

  • PCI Risk Assessment
  • Track PCI implementation progress
  • Periodic updates to the project team
  • PCI Security Awareness training 

PCI Penetration Tests & ASV Scans

  • External ASV Scans & Pen testing
  • PCI Internal VAPT
  • Application PT & Source code reviews
  • PCI Segmentation tests


Upon successful PCI gap closures, customers can engage ValueMentor PCI QSA Auditors for the final PCI QSA Audit.

PCI Scope Validation

PCI QSA will revalidate the final scope (PCI CDE) and evaluates the changes from the initial one. 

PCI QSA Onsite Audit

The PCI QSA will perform the testing procedures as defined in the ROC template provided by PCI Council on the scoped PCI environment. 

PCI Report on Compliance (RoC)

  • Collect and archive the evidence
  • Document the findings as per the ROC
  • Validation of the ROC by a QA QSA
  • Release the ROC for customer review

PCI Certification / Attestation

  • Prepare the Attestation of Compliance (AOC) based on client confirmation of ROC
  • Attestation of Compliance by both parties
  • Successfully concludes the PCI project.

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