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What are PCI Health Checks?

A PCI compliant organization should perform regular PCI Health Checks. This will allow corrections and remediation in smaller and amounts on a timely basis, this check will allow you to effectively address issues before they become bigger ones.  Health checks includes Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) PCI scans, penetration testing, inventorying removable media stores, regular employee security and awareness training. A quarterly PCI Health Check from a reputable QSA like ValueMentor can also confirm that controls are working effectively.

Organizations compliant to PCI standards should regularly check into following:

  • Verify compliance with the requirements of PCI standard and organizational policies and procedures.
  • Make sure of protection against emerging security threats.
  • Include any changes in the applicable regulatory standards.

Why Organizations require PCI Quarterly Health Check

  • Sticking to schedule of PCI DSS re-certification
  • Submit the timely compliance reports
  • Reduce the risk of security breaches due to vulnerable systems
  • Enhanced customer trust
  • Improved financial and business growth



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