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ValueMentor Penetration Testing services help organizations capture and exploit security vulnerabilities that surfaces the IT infrastructure and components.

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Our penetration testing services shape the outlook of a potential intruder trying to exploit the enterprise security loopholes. We inspect system vulnerabilities, validate your existing controls, and help deliver a prioritized action plan for efficient patching efforts. We help organizations with the latest testing methodologies and tools, figuring out system vulnerabilities, configuration loopholes, application/network flaws, including non-compliance.

An Array of Penetration Testing Services

Network Penetration Testing

The testing process identifies vulnerabilities in systems and applications by inspecting network security using various malicious techniques.

Wireless Penetration Testing

The testing process involves examining all device and component connections with the business internet for detecting flaws and vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Testing

An ethical hacking engagement designed to penetrate web application architecture, design, and configuration, identifying application security weaknesses.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The testing process emulates an attack on custom-mobile applications and enumerates vulnerabilities from the inside application environment.

Advanced Penetration Testing

A simulated cyber security testing that inspects exploitable vulnerabilities sticking to enterprise framework, detecting new-gen threat vectors and sophisticated vulnerabilities.

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Our Testing Methodologies

Black Box

The testing methodology uses no prior information to test the security control, defense, network structure, and policies from the outside. It determines external factors driving compromises in your network.

Gray Box

The testing methodology uses some information about the network like login credentials, network outline, or the underlying architecture. It determines the level of access gained by a privileged user and its potential impacts.

White Box

The testing methodology uses adequate details on software or systems internal network to perform tests. It determines internal network and system flaws.


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Approach to Penetration Testing

1. Plan the target

  • Defining goals, work scope, source data and testing target
  • Sketching the complete scope of the target environment
  • Developing a testing model and methodology
  • Setting communication/interaction procedures

2. Test/Attack

  • Fieldwork and service detection
  • Custom scanning and the development of penetration tools
  • Vulnerability detection and getting rid of false positives
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining access
  • Further-exploit of compromised systems to detect the impact level

3. Reporting

  • Result analysis and delivering a prioritized risk report
  • Recommendations or remediation roadmaps
  • Visual demonstration of damage and its potential impacts

4. Revalidation

  • conformation of risks converged to acceptable levels or eliminated
  • Validation of closure of vulnerabilities

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Benefits of
Penetration Testing

Reveal complete vulnerabilities

A successful pen test identifies existing weaknesses and lurked vulnerabilities that stick to the system, application configuration or network infrastructure.

Testing cyber defence capability

It helps to know how your existing security controls respond to a live attack scenario. Response on time is a critical thing. These test feedbacks mark the inputs to strengthen your defence capability.

Sticking to regulatory compliance

Every enterprise will require adhering to regulations as a part of industry compliance requirements. Conducting regular penetration tests could display the due diligence to the auditors and clients.

Eliminating downtime cost

The ability to recover goes proportional to how stiff your active controls stand against potential threat vectors. Penetration testing helps you identify risks before they turn into a breach, reducing downtime costs.

Ensuring business continuity

Business continuity depends on network availability, 24/7 communications, and uninterrupted access to resources. Regular penetration tests ensure zero unexpected downtime and loss of accessibility.

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