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With cyberattacks becoming the norm, Penetration Testing has become a mandatory security engagement for every business. There are hundreds of companies that provide penetration testing services, and it has become even harder to choose one from the many lists. So how do you choose a penetration testing partner that well suits your business requirements? Here, we will see some of the best practices to choose a penetration testing partner. Before going on, let us have a quick look at the penetration testing process.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a simulated attack; that helps to identify the type of resources exposed to the outer world, the network security risk involved in it, the possible types of attacks and the prevention of these attacks.

Why your Organization needs Penetration Testing?

As a result of the growing business demands, the IT infrastructure of every organization is becoming more complex day by day. The internal networks are given access over the internet to the legitimate users along with the user credentials and the privilege level; outside the firewall, which increases the surface of attack. Hence it is critical to do a network security assessment of these infrastructures regularly to detect security threats.

Penetration Testing Services helps your organization,

  • Prepare for the undetected or unseen breaches
  • Strengthen the cybersecurity strategies
  • Reduce remediation costs and downtime
  • Ensure compliance with security standards

Hence, a professional penetration testing service is invaluable for every organization to assess how a malicious user can gain unauthorized access to your security assets.


Best practices to select a penetration testing partner


  1. Identify the type of penetration testing needed

There are many types of penetration testing available like black box, white box and gray box testing. Hence, it is important to identify the type of penetration testing you want to do. It is better to start with a Risk assessment process, where you can identify the areas that are vulnerable and can choose the testing method accordingly. In short, you must identify “what to test” and explain this to the testers.

  1. Check for companies providing the required penetration testing

As you know, many companies are into cybersecurity services. After identifying the type of testing that best suits your security needs, check for all the companies that provide the service. You can contact them through email or phone number to get more information.

  1. Review the penetration testing company certification

It is critical to review the certifications of the company before starting with the penetration testing process. Make sure that the team members are licensed to do penetration testing and have experience working with different market segments.

  1. Evaluate the expertise of the team

There might be many penetration testers, but only a few of them have the required skills. So, it is imperative to check for the expertise of the team. Make sure that the penetration tester has good knowledge of the different types of penetration testing methods and is has exposure in doing the testing with different clients.

  1. Ask for customer case studies of the company

Before beginning with the process, make sure that the company has done a similar type of testing for at least one or two companies. Ask for references of the previous customers and a quick call to them might give you a better idea of the company’s reputation. Case studies or customer success stories will also provide an outline of the company’s strategy.

  1. Ask for a detailed proposal

When the company has been finalized, go ahead and ask for a detailed proposal that will give you all the details regarding the project. A well-written proposal will contain the company details, your requirements, solutions to your requirements, testing methodology and pricing.

  1. Clarify the methodologies used for testing

Different companies use different testing methodologies. Make sure that the company uses the latest and innovative tools for its testing process. Usually, these details will be mentioned in the proposal and if not, clarify all your doubts and make sure that the methodologies followed are industry-recognized.


When selecting a cybersecurity partner, make sure that you keep in mind the above best practices. At a minimum, try to understand the data security practices and project management capabilities of the company. The right choice will provide you with a trusted long-term cybersecurity partner to enhance your business security and safety.

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