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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are two phases of a coin used for vulnerability testing. They often go combined to produce a complete vulnerability analysis and picture. Uniquely, a penetration test exploits system vulnerabilities checking if any unauthorized or malicious activity is possible within the target environment by a Penetration Testing company. It explores the vulnerabilities and measures the severity connected with each risk.

Vulnerability assessment tools look for the flaws in the frame and identify their actual location. It defines the nature of vulnerabilities. Together combined, VAPT is a powerful way of detecting all flaws and vulnerabilities connected to the target environment. Penetration testing companies can provide the needed aid for entities looking for VAPT services associated with the requirement.

The client in search of the Penetration Testing Company 

The client is a trusted and leading composite insurer in the UAE region. Their product portfolio points to insurance products and solutions for individuals and corporates. They ensure a higher claim satisfaction to all-around customers with quality service in areas of risk supported by adept professionals.

Requirements of Penetration Testing

As an insurance providing firm with an extended financial and infrastructure base, the client security requisites hung to execute;

  • Internal Infrastructure VAPT
  • External Infrastructure VAPT
  • Web Application VAPT
  • Mobile Application VAPT


The main challenge associated with the engagement was the ongoing pandemic situation. Covid 19 influence was at its peak, and our testing and assessment methodology was remote by all means. Internal infrastructure vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services were delivered remotely through a Virtual private network (VPN).


  • The used strategy involved 4 teams specially dedicated to different aspects of the VAPT process.
    1. The first team focused on the internal infrastructure VAPT process. Process imitated attacks carried out by an adversary having a foothold on the network and looking to penetrate further control and cause damages.
    2. The second team focused on external infrastructure VAPT. They used a combination of automated and manual testing on public-facing elements of the client.
    3. The third team was designated to conduct web application VAPT. It concentrated on testing methods that address flaws identified with web application development.
    4. The fourth team targeted mobile application VAPT. The team used advanced testing methodologies and techniques for testing mobile applications, ensuring security.


  • The base standards used in the engagement process were
    • OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project testing
    • NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology framework
    • PTES – Penetration Testing Execution Standard
    • OSTMM – Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual security guidelines
  • ValueMentor helped the client route and identify every vulnerability connected to infrastructure and applications.
  • The team furnished a detailed report with prioritized action plans to mitigate vulnerabilities swiftly.
  • A custom-developed security roadmap was submitted outlining strategic and tactical plans and recommendations for future requisites.
  • Additionally, conducted post penetration testing to meet various compliance and regulations bridged to data security and payment privacy.

Findings of the Penetration Testing company

ValueMentor performed:

  • Analysis of the infrastructure and application from the internet.
  • Vulnerability assessment to discover all network and application exposures using professional scanners like Nessus Professional, Acunetix Web application Scanner, BurpSuite Professional.
  • Safe exploitation of identified vulnerabilities to confirm the vulnerabilities and the impact of exploitation.

Spotted 12 critical, 23 high, 105 Medium and 20 Low vulnerabilities bridged to the pen testing engagement.

We demonstrated the exploitation of critical and high vulnerabilities to show the impact of successful exploitation. The vulnerabilities exploited include;

  • Mobile vulnerabilities – Hardcoded authentication details which lead to compromise of SharePoint service
  • Web vulnerabilities – Insecure direct object reference, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and file upload leading to remote code execution.
  • Network vulnerabilities – Manage Engine Servicedesk Plus, DNZ zone transfer and Oracle WebLogic remote code execution.

How Penetration Testing benefited the client

With ValueMentor security testing processes that round both black box penetration testing and white box penetration testing, we met the client essentials with 100% efficiency. The report contained the detailed discovery process, findings, and prioritized action plans. The client understood the findings in detail which was followed by a timely patch. The very process was able to meet various compliance requirements as a part of security standards. Above all, the testing and assessment process helped the firm simplify internal and external security practices with the utmost security. As a result, the client was able to drive increased customer trust and retention.



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