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Why is Penetration Testing Significant for Modern-Day Businesses?

The present clock will always ask – how security gets evaluated for an organization. In fact, to understand your security falls and to create a concealed plan, you must always think like a hacker. But it is genuinely hard for a business to have in-house security professionals of that calibre. And that is where internal and external penetration testing services play a vital part.

Significantly, organizations must detect security vulnerabilities in their software/systems before a hacker finds them. You might have developed all the security controls within your IT framework, but that itself won’t be sufficient. Imagine a situation where these security capabilities stand inappropriate to shield new-gen attack vectors. Here is where testing their resilience can be beneficial.

With periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing exercises, you can get greater visibility of the strengths and weaknesses of your cyber defence. Through the blog, we help unfold some quick insights and facts about why penetration testing services stick as the key to modern-day business security. Before going deeper, let us first go through the definition with some extra add-on information.

Firstly, what does a Penetration Test mean?

A penetration test points to an authorized and simulated cyber-attack against the target IT environment to detect exploitable vulnerabilities. The word simulation denotes that the tester performs the test just like a real-world hacker trying to exploit and evade your existing security mechanisms. If organizations need to get a true insight into their security defence power, a penetration test included with the security audit can be the differential factor for your business. So, what does the exercise seem to be? The process might simulate various forms like phishing, creating backdoors, installing adware, fetching open ports, altering data and much more.

How often do you require a Penetration Test?

Well, that’s the very next question we need to address after knowing what penetration testing means. The hardening process should get periodically conducted by the organization to get the best yield. In fact, you must consider performing a pen test at least once a year, and there are many other instances where you require otherwise: –

  • When there is a significant change to your IT infrastructure/application..
  • When end-user policies go modified or updated.
  • When security patches are applied.
  • When extending office locations/new locations built.
  • While launching new websites or other cloud services.

What about the cost of a Penetration Test?

A Penetration test cost can vary depending upon the size of the app or the underlying sensitivity. The cost of testing a small app differs with respect to a website with multiple user roles and functionalities. It can also vary if your business has a wide network scope or has more applications in focus. However, while imagining the after-backs of a potential invasion and a breach that follows, the cost of a penetration test becomes affordable and worthy.

Why is penetration Test vital for modern-day businesses?

The usefulness of a penetration test in the modern day is far different from vulnerability scans or a general compliance audit. In fact, the process looks to test and identify the efficiency of your existing security defence against a real-world attack scenario. In that way, you can find the weaknesses before it reaches an attacker’s eye and can patch the same, avoiding any potential damage. Let us see how pen testing advantages with the present time for businesses.

  • Catch vulnerabilities at the earliest

What does it take foremost for a business to remain secure against new gen attack vectors? The solution is to find those security holes before an attacker has his hand on them. Also, you require timely patching to prevent intrusion. A pen test could easily detect these lurked vulnerabilities so that your security professionals can apply the fix at the earliest. The process can detect vulnerabilities missed by typical automated scanning techniques.

  • Test the resilience of your security defence

How much time would an organization take on average to detect a data breach? According to the stats for 2021, it takes almost 212 days for average breach detection and 75 days to contain it. That doesn’t sound too pretty, and you must have your security defence upright to avoid the situation. A penetration test would help you identify the resilience of the controls deployed and how your network defence battles a real-time attack. It could also find how your security monitoring team would retaliate against a successful attack. In that case, a pen test will help you quickly strengthen the weak side of your business security defence.

  • Evaluate the impact of a successful attack

The cost of the impact of a cyber-attack can be alarmingly on the higher end, including reputation damage on the flip side. It could involve the total of imposed fines, revenue losses, fixing costs, and other security add-ons. Impacts on your company can include disruption of critical services, loss of sensitive business data, loss of business infrastructure, loss of fame and much more. Periodic penetration tests help unfold the impacts carried by each vulnerability which can help you evaluate the potential damage and act accordingly.

  • Establish your security stand with customers & partners

Customers want to protect their data involved in the business functions, and companies must ensure this from all corners. If your organization has the security vision of proving a concealed environment with penetration tests at regular intervals, it is indeed a vote of confidence for you. Also, while extending your business functions and involving in alliances, pen tests prove as a differentiator regardless of business type or domain. You also get a competitive edge over other corresponding industrial firms that your security controls are well-tested to mitigate cyber-attacks. In that way, pen tests help establish a solid security stand for you that proves significant for partners and your customer base.

  • Control remediation costs and network downtime

The last thing you want is a data breach happening to your business and all your network going down. Running to fix security holes following a breach can be difficult and expensive. It can impact the overall operation cycle of your business functions and customers. However, if you can incorporate a pen test into your business, you have an early chance of detecting those security weaknesses, applying fixes much earlier, and avoiding a potential breach. As a result, penetration testing proves as a successful technique not only to detect security vulnerabilities but helps to control remediation costs and network downtime.

Summing Up

Security Testing is becoming a top need for every business for its success and life cycle. Industry regulations are also evolving more stringent, and the role of penetration testing goes vital too. And for every vendor security questionnaire, the specific technique proves as a top ask. One vital benefit that organizations get while opting for the test is that they get to know what a real-world attack would look like without involving losses. Also, with this kind of testing, you are actually seeing how well your security deployments perform or act in real-time against a potential intrusion.

Many trained professionals are offering this kind of testing for different businesses. However, opting for a security testing company can create a big difference regarding the approach, depth, experience in testing and much more. ValueMentor with proven testing expertise, CREST accreditation, higher engagement positivity, and a full-fledged service line is one great option to look for without a doubt. Our global presence, timely approach, affordability factor and capabilities in the security testing sphere continue to be a top invite for businesses. If in requirement to know more about our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing program, we are just a ring away.



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