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ValueMentor is a leading CREST- Accredited Penetration Testing Service Provider, delivering services to customers in all the regions we operate. It is a true testament to our highest-quality practices in penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence, and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services.


Test often, detect early and eliminate cyber risks using our security testing services

Our Security Analysts have helped companies like Microsoft, Oracle, AlienVault, and AT&T find “zero” day vulnerabilities in their products and applications. We are a Highly trained and certified penetration testing team with renowned certifications under our expertise: CISSP, OSCP, CREST Certified, ECSA, LPT(Master), CEH, CISA, CISM & more.

ValueMentor Penetration Testing Services

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Penetration Testing Approaches

Our security testing services address different levels of risks an organization faces.

Vulnerability Assessments

For organizations seeking to reduce their security risk, a vulnerability assessment is a good start. A regular assessment program assists organizations with managing their risk and identifying and scoring vulnerabilities.

Blackbox Penetration Testing

The team of experts think out of the box and perform BlackBox Penetration Testing based on their practical expertise and knowledge. They utilize all possible options to emulate the methodology followed by potential hackers

Grey Box Penetration Testing

Identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your applications before the hackers can find and exploit them and provide a more focused and efficient assessment of a network’s security

Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced penetration testing simulates scenarios such as broad based attack, targeted attack or APT groups attacking your organization specifically using certain tools, techniques or processes.

Penetration Testing Approaches

Our Team

Security Testing needs human touch, even in this world of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. While we boast about having a team with leading industry certification such as OSCP, CREST Certification, CEH, ECSA, LPT, GIAC, etc; what we really proud of is their experience in penetration testing.

Testing approach

While our strength is in manual security testing, we use automation to perform faster security testing and cost optimization. Our hybrid approach helps organizations achieve penetration testing objectives at affordable costs. We follow OWASP Security testing guides for application assessments

Remediation Advisory

Our team will provide a list of recommended actions to mitigate the weakness. This could be as simple as referencing to a web URL which provides step by step actions or as detailed as listing down the steps or workaround to mitigate the risk.

Revalidation Tests

Validating the closure of vulnerabilities are important. It confirms that the risks are rbought down to acceptable levels or elimited completely. We will perform minimum on re-test to validate the closures.

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