RBI Cyber Security Framework

The ever-changing digital payment landscape has caused customary banks and budgetary establishments to embrace the most recent advances to improve client experience and lessen operational use.

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Security Technology Management

The security technologies must be continuously monitored, tuned and updated to maintain their health and availability. ValueMentor supports leading third-party security technologies in existing environments and new deployments.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence provides unique and comprehensive information surrounding active and evolving threats. Selecting a vendor, with a frontline view of what industry and business-specific threat actors are targeting, is critical when maturing a cybersecurity program.

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Incident Response

Incident response (IR) is the well-coordinated effort to rapidly respond to security incidents in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Incident Analysis & Investigation

A security incident is a warning that there may be a threat to information or computer security. The warning could also be that a threat has already occurred.

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SIEM & Log Management

Log management is a process of collecting, analyzing, and archiving large volumes of machine-generated log messages.

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Proactive Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is the active search for “unknown unknowns,” which describes new and novel attack behaviours that aren’t detected by current automated methods of prevention and detection.

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Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms are a category of endpoint security tools, built to provide endpoint visibility, and are used to detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits.

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Network Penetration Testing

The benefit of penetration testing in every organization is to know to what extent the system can be compromised before the attack is identified and also assess the response mechanism.

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