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Information security in India is not just a business requirement, but a legal requirement in India. Compliance with Indian IT Act ensures that your organizations IT Infrastructure, systems and process are in line with the IT Act 2008 requirements.

According to the IT Act 2008, the executive responsible for IT (CEO/CRO/CIO/CFO) in an organization in India is responsible for any Cyber Security incident originating from the organization. Not implementing “Reasonable Security Practices” can lead this senior executive staff to even jail, not to mention the financial liabilities.

Why comply with IT Act 2008

  • IT Act 2008 focuses on the cyber security
  • Head of the organization is directly responsible for ensuring the legal compliance with the IT Act, just like any other legal requirements in India (Section 85, IT Act 2000)
  • Companies are required to ensure “Reasonable Security Practices” are implemented and “Due Diligence” is performed
  • Information Security is not only a business requirement, but also a legal requirement

How ValueMentor Consulting can help you comply with IT Act 2008

  • Perform GAP analysis of IT Act compliance
  • Develop required policies and procedures
  • Implement standards such as ISO 27001 to ensure reasonable security practices are achieved
  • Run your Information Security Program & IT Act compliance without having to employ a full time staff
  • Perform periodic security assessments and IT Audits

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