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Valuementor’s Managed EDR – When Next Gen AV meets EDR

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms are a category of endpoint security tools, built to provide endpoint visibility, and are used to detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits. Overpowering today’s attackers and responding to threats requires EDR plus NGAV. The bad guys treat all of an organization’s machines as possible entry points. EDR plus NGAV takes this concept and uses it to the defender’s advantage by combining data from multiple endpoints for protection, detection, Investigation & Response.

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Limitations of your NextGen AV

  • AV & NGAV share the same flaws
    Both technologies look for certain attributes & labelling a file malicious if it contains them. Attackers can easily adapt & get around these technologies as none of them offer true behaviour-based detections.
  • Looking at One Machine at a time
    Most NGAVs lacks the ability to cross-correlate data from multiple endpoints & hence missing complete attack story still leaving your organization under attack.
  • Focus only on Prevention
    NGAVs focus on preventing attacks but no onto Techniques, Tactics & Procedures attackers use to infiltrate the environment. Prevention is just one part of modern security equation & organizations should lookout for a way to detect, investigate & respond to adversaries that have already evaded existing defences & to remediate an Incident.

ValueMentor your EDR Service Partner

Maximum Visibility

Our Endpoint and Network Engines are fully integrated for a single pane of glass to validate alerts from network to endpoints, plus understand the wider scope of threats from endpoints into network cross session and multifaceted analysis.

Advanced Zero Day Detection and Containment

Our MDR service leverages advanced Hunting engine collecting data across your Endpoints, Network, Servers identifying & containing both Known & Zero days in progress before they achieve objectives.

In-House Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Our MDR Services are powered by Inhouse, Threat-Intelligence team -Unit 22.

High Speed Incident Response and Prevention

Our team works with customer for Pinpointing all adversary activities, to contain & eradicate adversaries footprint, generate IOCs about the incident to prevent future attacks & guiding your team closing gaps and building greater defences.

How ValueMentor does it?

Valuementor Managed EDR Service takes a holistic approach combining the best of NGAV & EDR technologies. With choice of Industry leading NGAV Vendor or NGAV Vendor of customer’s choice our EDR technology allows greater visibility into what’s happening on Endpoints, a superior level of attack context, behavioural based threat detections as well as Mechanisms for Immediately remediating an attack.

Key Service Highlights are as below-

  • Best in Class AV(Optional)
    AV Engine from a leading vendor providing signature, heuristics defences.
  • Threat Lookups, Threat Intelligence & Process Blocking
    Cloud based detection ratings, Intelligence & IOCs from multiple feeds powered by ValueMentor Threat Intelligence team.
  • Mitre ATT& CK based detection model & 24/7/365 Monitoring and Alerting.
  • Powered by Hunting Engine which pulls in Millions of data every second and maintain tens of millions of relationships between those data running from memory.

  • Impact analysis
    A new threat in a customer’s environment is checked against the metadata stores to assess if that threat is on any other protected system and what other systems may be compromised.
  • Forensics Capabilities
    Our EDR Platform enables Forensics Integrity with full disk imaging to forensic containers, plus file and folder collection, memory capture, and live memory analysis.
  • Script Library & Advanced Query builder
    Our Vast Script library enables Investigation automations & Advanced query builder acts as core of threat hunting operations.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Using the endpoint data, the MDR team will generate a root cause analysis, which shows the attack vector (email, web, USB, etc.), dwell time, spread, and impact of the attack.
  • Automated Playbooks & Custom responses
    Automated playbooks enable response actions like Terminating a malicious process, collecting or deleting files all automated. MDR team will be working on providing best available custom response options/ recommendations to help remediate & recover from Incident at the earliest possible.
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