ICS Security Testing

ICS Security Testing

ICS Security Testing

An industrial control system(ICS) consist of several types of control systems used in the industrial sectors and critical infrastructures like SCADA, DCS, PLC and so on. In practical, ICS are connected to networks, which can allow remote access through open networks or the Internet. Which could create a lot of security breaches. Weaknesses in the ICS network perimeter are analyzed by ICS testing team. The main advantage of this testing is to Secure control systems and to prevent cyber security breaches. Which could results a lot of damage.

Valuementor’s testing services are supported by highly skilled ethical hacking group, who are have a great IT and engineering background, and are certified by Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) organization.

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ValueMentor Approach

Some of the key approaches which we are conducting are the following and they may change depending on the industries:

  • Penetration testing
  • Active enumeration and Passive enumeration
  • Testing of network
  • Physical inspection
  • Source Code review
  • Port scanning

Benefits of ICS Security Testing


Protecting the large capital investment, all those equipment which are controlling that investment.

Business Continuity

Ensuring business continuity from any loss during production.

ICS Security Testing Process

Our ICS security testing process involves the following.

ICS business process is created, and it is agreed with the company board, the purpose of engaging such activity is defined by our experts.

Here the gathering of threat intelligence is made, threat model exercise is also been conducted, all vulnerabilities are determined.

Different network topologies are identified, and the devices which should be tested are also identified, create a testing plan and determine the resources which are required for offline and online testing.

All types of testing are conducted (offline & online testing)

A detailed analysis of the test report is made, submission of the test reports and review the findings with key shareholders moreover key issues are highlighted to them according to the priority.

Why ValueMentor?

  • Team of highly experienced experts with indepth knowledge in ICS
  • Expertise in reporting controls for various organizations globally with complex environments.
  • Proven successful record on supporting clients to keep hold of security of their control environment regardless of its business/operational challenges.
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