Incident Analysis & Investigation


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Incident Analysis and Investigation

A security incident is a warning that there may be a threat to information or computer security. The warning could also be that a threat has already occurred. Threats or violations can be identified by unauthorized access to a system. A computer security incident is a threat to policies that are related to computer security.

An incident can also result in the misuse of confidential information on a computer system. This could include information such as Social Security numbers, health records, or anything that could include sensitive, personally identifiable information.

When an incident affects a computer system, a computer security incident response team (CSIRT) should be activated to handle the threat. There should also be policies and procedures that have already been established for handling an incident when it occurs.

Why Choose Incident Analysis and Investigation from ValueMentor?

Automated Incident analysis

For increased accuracy, our incident analysts validate the machine data. Our scoring input includes external intelligence, asset value, vulnerabilities, propagation and attack behaviour to help you respond faster.

Get Wider Coverage and deeper analysis of Incidents

Determine if an incident has occurred and the likely levels of damage associated with it. All alerts are investigated for their likely impact and attacker attributes.

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ValueMentor’s Methodology

  • Conduct a criticality assessment
  • Carry out a cyber security threat analysis, supported by realistic scenarios
  • Consider the implications of people, process, technology and information
  • Create an appropriate framework
  • Review the state of readiness in cyber security incident response.
  • Identify cyber security incident
  • Define objectives and investigate situation
  • Take appropriate action
  • Recover systems, data and connectivity
  • Investigate incident more thoroughly
  • Report incident to relevant team
  • Carry out a post incident review
  • Communicate and build on lessons learned
  • Update key information, controls and processes
  • Perform trend analysis

Why choose ValueMentor as your Incident Analysis and Investigation Partner / Auditor ?

ValueMentor’s Incident Analysis and Investigation service offers unmatched experience handling enterprise security incidents to prevent further harm to the organization, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups.

Our Incident Analysis and Investigation team perform a range of activities from host and Live-forensic analysis across all platforms to malware reverse engineering and log analysis to determine the attack vector, establish a timeline of activity, and identify the extent of the compromise.

Our Incident Investigation service minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach, including securing the environment, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analysing data related to the incident and issuing a report documenting the findings.

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