IOT Security Testing

IOT Security Testing

IOT Security Testing

Internet of things is a network which composes of devices, vehicles, buildings or electronic devices. They are all interconnected such that they transfer data between them. Because of it, there is a chance of getting data exploited hence IOT security testing is very important.

ValueMentor approaches it as a serious issue that we check for nooks and corners and provides a detailed report about it.

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IOT Testing Process

Component Validation
Conditioning Validation
Function Validation
Performance Validation
Security and Data Validation
Gateway Validation
Analytics Validation
Communica -tion Validation

ValueMentor Approach

Our team conducts a detailed attack surface mapping and from that, all possible entry points for a malicious dedicated attacker is noted down.

It involves Reverse of engineering firmware binaries, Encryption analysis and Obfuscation techniques which is used to debugging binaries to gain sensitive info and Binary reverse engineering and exploitation.

Here Security features included in the hardware are noted down, the communication ports which used, logic sniffing and bus tampering. Tampering protection mechanisms, Glitching and Side-Channel attacks

Vulnerabilities in the web dashboard, Mobile application security issues identification, and exploitation, Platform related security issues, App reversing, Binary instrumentation techniques to gain sensitive information, etc., with the help of this API based security issues and Cloud-based and vulnerabilities in the backend systems are found out.

Assessment of radio communication protocols, Sniffing the radio packets being transmitted and received, Modifying and replaying the packets for device takeover attacks, jamming based attacks, Accessing the encryption key through various techniques, Radio communication reversing for proprietary protocols and Attacking protocol specific vulnerabilities are undergone.

To ensure that customers data are kept with the highest security standards, ensuring that no PII information is being leaked through any communication channels, Additional assessment of data-at-rest and data-at-transit and Providing you with a PII report

After the security patch, a reassessment is conducted to check whether all issues are solver and to check any new vulnerabilities are found.

A final report is made which consist of all details about the test.

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